Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Let It Be?

Journeys to hidden coastal areas...
Cozy honeymoon cottages...
Recipes from sumptuous seafood feasts...

I'm at the point in my life where I find all things fascinating. I really do. I'm yet 35's. I love life. I give my appreciation for every second that I breath and will do. I am a deep passionate both of life and nature. I find the most interesting thing I can ask myself in the come of a day is: ''Why? Why am I feeling this way?''

I truly believe that I was born a destiny of joy. And no matter what any of us do to tamper with our lives, you can't really fight destiny.

Nowadays I have a fear of sadness! In the back of my mind there's not that comfort that my heart will rally, regardless. OK, I'm way too sentimental to talk about this right now: (Turkish) Son Kuslar (English: Last Birds). Please come closer and focus on the photo below taken from the monthly Planet Magazine, that I was reading it last night, showing the fantastic Flamingos in Konya Valley, Turkey. How adorable flamingos!

We always tend to hold them tightly to our heart, that are very precious to us: our animals, our families, our friends, even an antique cup from our grandmother, or an old brooch. We see our life evolve. The idea of family always become more crystalline for us. Certainly.

I can forward even farther and ask ''We're just happy today. We're just cruising. But if that changes...?'' Why do not we do the same for the nature? We don't want to help leave our children a living planet? Don't we want also our children play in back yard? We have played, but don't they deserve it?

Many questions from my inner world still come out quickly:

~If I ever long for sunwashed mornings?

~One day again a gazelle wanders into my yard?
~If I ever imagine to a quiet coastal retreat where is simplicity is a style unto itself?

Of course, we all are aware of the biggest danger at door: global climate change and how badly affecting the beautiful nature. The most dramatic environmental news that I read are as follows:

(1) The Worldwild Life Fund urged the Australian government and launched a campaign for the protection of coral sea, one of its last tropical marine wilderness, off the Queensland coast against an amazingly robust pollution. Because of sharks, tuna, trevallies which are very rare today and declining 5-times faster than the world's rainforests. The region could be targeted by illegal shark fishermen as well as oil and gas prospectors. Rest of the news here.

(2) The head of Italy's industrialists' declared a state of emergency of ''risk of having to shut down the factories this summer because of drought'' and called for ''a plan of action that will allow a rational use of water''. Italian farmers were the first to raise the alarm, noting that water in the Po River is already below 2006 levels. Rest of the news here.

(3) According to a forthcoming report by environmentalist group in Turkey, it is just the same drought situation like Italy. Water reserves across the country have fallen 40-50 percent below average due to the lack of rain and snowfall this year. This summertime Turkey was hitted with strong heat waves over 35-degrees celcius. And drought could close Konya valley for beautiful Flamingos' arrival soon, that is what I do not wish to be true. We indeed missed having a rainy fall season, and expecting Flamingos not leave us!

I love very much my luck-bringing ladybirds. I want my tree that's a favorite of a bird that sings a pretty song for me. I can't imagine a life without those enchanting songbirds and ladybirds!

My pursuit of exotic and fabulous wildlife is almost over?

Ideas that take me set the stage for seaside moments that are simply magic coming to an end someday in the future?

All of these and more await us in the future?

When the nature is gone, then what will it be the equivalent of my mood lighting?

We all know it is not a movie, but could be real. Lets support a Green World.
PLEASE do not let it be!


  1. i totaly agree with you nihal, nature is so precious and has become the most important issue since the last decade here in the netherlands. we're doing our best to seperate garbage, re-cycling, re-using paper, limitation concerning the use of energy etc. i have hardly any heavy electric consuming stuff at home, no dishwashers or microwaves here.
    but it's still a long way to go hoping not too late though ...
    i would love to see a gazelle poecefully wondering in my backgarden!

  2. @ Marita: So good news! Also in Turkey, to inspire environmental awareness and to increase environmental concern, lots of Civil Society Organisations, Metropolitan Municipality and Ministry of Environment and Foresty came together to public presentations. Since 2001, Turkish Marine Environment Protection Assc. has already started to organize the importance of aclean marine in the Turkish coastlines, rivers and lakes with the participation of thousands of volunteers from around the globe. I'm really pleased to hear that -not only Turkey or the NL- but all over the world the social responsibility acitivities are raising up for a more green and blue world.

  3. UK Oxford Street den selamlar....
    birazdan Tango Fire gosterisine gidecegiz:))) Bengi

  4. I like a Green Wordl.
    ciao ciao

  5. @ Bengi: Hadi gidin bakalim;) Senin gitmenle birlikte Istanbul' a sonbahar geldi sanki. Hava epey serin, rain-coat giymeye basladim bile su son 2-gunde. Yaz tutkunu olarak bu kadar erkenden sonbahara girmek beni uzdu, biraz daha yaz yasasaydik diyordum yani... senin bu durum hosuna gidecek:) Jazz planliyordunuz, galiba degisiklik oldu, degil mi? Have fun & Beni de biraz ''save'' et orda;)

    @ Linda (teodo): Benvenuta:) Anche mi piace tanto il verde (+ l' azzurro) come tu. Un abbraccio.