Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spring / Summer 2007 Show


I've always believed that photography is a form of autobiography. When the decision is taken and the exposure is made, then a highly personal statement reflects in the square. My insight and emotional state while shooting can be seen in my photographs on my blog since I started -exceptionally the ones used as a reference. I stopped the world, I stopped myself, I managed to bridge my amateur experience with my actual photographs. Very-very personal, truly magical, autobiographical:)

As it's known, merging the Marmara sea and the Black sea, the Bosphorus divides the City into two parts, Asia and Europe. As a bridge spanning the Asian and European continents.
Marmara sea is so calm and you can explore the Princes' Islands. In the Asian part, there's two main districts. One of them is Kadikoy. Kadikoy is founded in the 7th century B.C. as a Greek colony called Chalcedon in antiquity (today's Kadikoy) was a summer place preferred by top officials, not only in the Roman and Byzantine periods, but also in the Ottoman era as well. Near the end of the 19th century, non-moslems and Levantines settled in Moda, which is today very famous for its ice-cream.

* Map taken from Time Out Istanbul.

A short walk from there, then I take you over to 6km long Bagdat Avenue (or known also Bagdat Street), that's one of the most famous shopping districts in the Istanbul. Me, too, live only a few minutes walking distance from this street. To live here in this area, I can say that it's a different kind of quality life. Firstly we've lived in the European side, then with the decision of my parents' strong desire to live in a more green area, we moved into this area of the Asian part when I was 12y.o. People are not too busy here (of course it does not mean that they are sleeping, smile:). People are warm and generous. You can find it almost every hour to be crowded with the people shopping, walking down and up, dining at restaurants, sitting at cafés/pubs. There's about always a festival or a celebrating of activities -music, dance, racings, sports- somewhere here. Afterwards, it's such a beautiful and interesting place, rich in details.
Most of my friends -non Turkish- always tell me how it's modern and very-very european more the European part of the City. Next time our meeting point will be European side. We will see if it is more European;)

Now I share my favorite photographic moments, that all taken between the period of this summer and spring in and around my home. You can refer to the ' Keywords table by area name ' at the top where is where in order.

Here you are in my homeland and I'm waving you from my window:)
N' joy!


  1. Ciao,
    mi piace questo tuo post.
    Con le foto mi sembra di conoscere meglio chi vive lontano da me.
    La storia della divisione in due continenti di Istanbul l'ho studiata a scuola ma raccontata da una cittadina che ci vive è più interessante, tu racconti anche i sentimenti non solo la geografia e la storia.
    ciao ciao

  2. hi nihal, i'm waving back from far. your city and it's history is so fascinating, many crossed the bosporus, famous conquerors with their armees looking for the end of the world. it truly looks european, mediterrenean style! lovely pictures and i'm looking forward to see the european site in a next blog.
    i would love visiting the topkapi one day... gazing at the marvels there and admiring the sultan's sofa!!

  3. thanks for sharing such great pics

  4. It is a real pleasure to come and visit your blog. Thank you for all the images,the picture of your city country and life style. Your world , very close of mine is different in some aspects but, so interesting and charming. I'll return with pleasure, soon.

  5. Grazie Nihal per le bellissime foto e per il bel racconto interessante!!!Una buona domenica :)))

  6. Guzel bir kolaj calismasi olmus, tebrikler !!Lucy de cok yakismis:))

  7. @ Linda: Come Julius Caesar dice nel 47 BC. con una famosa parole ''Veni, vidi, vici'', spero anche tu puoi avere una buona fortuna di visitare qui (ad Istambul) un giorno. Sai, i libri vanno bene, ma e' meglio sempre che ''Seeing is believing'', no?

    @ Marita: I talking to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism? LOL:) Welcome to visit Topkapi Palace, as it's another a must-to-see ''world'' over the boundaries!

    @ Sma: Always welcome to my home:) Sometimes for a friendly chat, sometimes even for a cup of classic Turkish tea;)

    @ Simonetta: Niente, mia cara amica. Ho gia' spedito, ma da qui con i miei tanti auguri per il tuo Compleanno!

    @ Bengi: Ingiltere Turkiye demeden, seri takiptesiniz bakiyorum hernerede olursaniz;) Gercek kolajdan cok daha kolay. Biliyorsun, technology speaks:) Ben pek fazla emek sarfetmiyorum kisacasi;)

  8. I am happy to have found your beautiful, inspirational blog. Beautiful photos and beautiful words.
    I found you from a click through to Passionate for Life Magazine, which you have listed in your "inspiring channels".
    We share a passion for life and living it fully.
    I live near Sacramento, California USA (Governor Arnold :) and central to many beautiful wine regions, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.
    Founder, Passionate for Life Magazine

  9. @ Dana: How nice to see that you are from Passionate For Life Magazine, Welcome always:) Merci for your compliments, very kinda you indeed. Yeap, me, too, share a deep passion for the life and even a ''new'' passion for this blogging stuff as well;) Living to Sacramento? Great! Did you know there's big similarities bw SF and Istanbul? Follow up my write-ups, soon you will see with the photos when talking about the European side and Bosphorus. Being close to my favorite Napa Valley wine region...ah I missed to the States!! Hopefully one day soon. Say Hello to Arnold, cheers:) Kind regards.

  10. Nihal,
    I would love to tour your beautiful country. We love Napa for it's beauty, and of course the wine, but it is a tourist trap now. Email me if/when you are coming to our part of the world, we would love to show you some of California's "gold nuggets".

    My husband was touring some friends around the capitol last week when Gov. Arnold came out of his office. Everyone was hushed, star struck, when my husband's friend said, "Hello Governor, how are you today?" Arnold answered "Fine, and how are you?" :)

    Do you have my email address? I would love to invite you to submit some of your travel blogs for PFL's Travel Department.

  11. @ Dear Dana; first off, thank U so much for your very kind note, although our commmunication has to be happening in this narrow comments' section:) As far as Napa, I've a very good knowledge ''theoritically'' about its treasures (being a lover of wineries and wine). Oh my God, is it any chance also waiting for me to be able to meet Gov Arnold;) I would like to express our deep sympathy and best wishes from Turkey, because maybe or not you know, that he's got a big fame here! I could be an ambassador bw two countries, LOL:))
    No, Dana. Could U pls pass your e-mail to me? For Advertising and Media requiries, there's a contact mail, that is all I see in the PFL website. I'd be pleased to submit some of my travel write-ups, why not? Think Dana, the percentage in tourism area for Turkey could be increased, I bet:))
    Sending off all of my best to you and your staff, also your Husband -with a Smiling Hello:)-, Love for Sunny CA always. Kindest, Nihal