Monday, September 24, 2007

Where Is The Queen?

In our life, we are used to talk about the beauty of almost everything expressing our feelings like these examples: ''the beauty of nature - what a beautiful girl - what a beautiful flower - how beautifully decorated room etc...'' Me? Of course, I'm also one of you all thinking the same, telling the same.

Did you know that there is an art
even in mathematics? I mean the beauty of numbers! Yes there is a ''hidden beauty'' if you notice on the article taken from a national newspaper dated yesterday, that says ''The Beauty of Maths'' (Turkish: Matematigin Guzelligi).

Maybe being a technical-sided one, that I'm always looking more on the ''mathematical side'' of the things in my life and love trying to explain some situtations using mathematics though. Without the solutions to mathematical problems which have been discovered over the last 50 years we wouldn't have many of the devices which we now take them for granted in today's modern world. Yet behind many physical objects that we use on a daily basis such as mobile phones, lies a good deal of high-powered mathematics.

Dr Robert Hunt from the University of Cambridge encourages all to come along, including non-experts who find to more out about the usefulness of maths in the real world and explains that:

''The vitality of the British economy is dependent on the UK's scientific progress and discovery, and in turn science is dependent in maths. Far from being in abstruse subject of importance only to accountants and actuaries, maths is relevant to every aspect of our modern lives.''

Focus for a few seconds on those quotations coming from important logicians and philosophers:

There are things which seem incredible
to most men who have not studied mathematics.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)

Mathematics is the queen of science and
arithmetic is the queen of mathematics.

Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855)

Mathematics possesses not only truth,
but also supreme beauty.
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

So- you see how mathematics is a part of daily life, rather it is just the center of life and the gage point. Definitely Dolce Vita:)


  1. i'm sure there is a beauty to math although i would not take the adventure of figures and numbers.
    meanwhile i prefer to listen to mozart, nihal ;))

  2. There are those of us that use mathematics as a language for art/poetry thus mixing the aesthetics of mathematics with the aesthetics of art. It is always enjoyable to find posts addressing the aesthetics of math as you have just done. Thanks!

  3. Matematige benzer "Su"yun guzelligi konulu bir post da yapabilirsin...suyun guzel kelimelere karsilik aldigi geometrik sekiller cok enteresan,bir japon bilim adaminin bulusu...

  4. @ Marita: Even you would not want to take the adventure of numbers (lets say maths) however you're already in it! All of us in it. Believe it or not, accept it or not, however it's the indispensable fact of maths! Simply the best for a better explanation: Did you ever think about your pc which you use for everytime? Look this correlation, numbers ->maths -> science -> all tools in our life.
    Your pc is a ''perfect'' result of maths. If there were not maths, then no discovery of pc. No interactive life thru pc. No internet. No chance to meet each one of us. Sure, thanks to Bill Gates, but much more appreciation goes to firstly for the logicians and mathematicians.

    @ Kaz: If everything has got a base related to maths, then it becomes natural to me the relationship existing bw art and maths:)Thanks a lot for sharing another point of view about maths. From here I advice others to visit yours. The world on your blog seems very interesting, certainly I'll be your visitor.

    @ Bengi: Evet, biliyorum, hatta kitabini da okumustum. Su kristallerinin ''iyi-guzel'' gibi pozitif kelimeler karsiligi aldigi o muhtesem kompozisyondan bahsediyorsun, degil mi? Cok enteresan bir konu o, olaganustu. Japonlara hayranim zaten, bir kez daha konfirme oldu boylece:) Amazon'da kitabi var satista.