Monday, October 01, 2007

It is Pancake Time

Romance. Someone says it's gone?! We wanted to check it out yesterday;)
A Sunday in my part of the world, here it goes. I do let my photographs talking instead of me now:

Target: ''No Reservations'' of Catherine Zeta-Jones at CKM

Zeta-Jones is pretty nice, I like her a lot at least like my another favorite Julia Roberts.
A romantic comedy as it is written in the ads? I thought it's spotted lots of romance in the movie;) No, no, don't wait to see warm hugs and pillow fights. But it's pretty serious, sometimes somber, full of important messages and sadness. The story is very entertaining and avoids excessive sentimentality.

Location is Big Apple: (Snapshots taken from my travels in NYC sometime ago.) When it's said NYC, of course it reminds me the food -delicious cheesecakes, very tasty pancakes (Turkish: Krep) -which a must for my breakfast, learn how to make a crêpe-, very chic restaurants, beef-steaks...- But more than the food: awesome apartments in Manhattan -one of my favorite places to be in-, world city never-sleeping, the musical Kiss Me Kate I watched at Broadway, Brooklyn Bridge, Harlem, Chinatown, countless as you know. So this movie was an eye-delight for me:)

Back to the movie, lets summarize hereby: It's the trio of good performances by a chef, interventions of a cute child and a co-worker. Kate (Catherine-Zeta Jones) is a perfectionist chef at a chic lower Manhattan restaurant, who runs her kitchen like she runs her life. She lives by so many self-made rules and regulations and even recipes, like a very control freak:) She is conveniently precluded from having any kind of good active social life whatsoever. She never dates. By the way, she's forced to care for a 9-year-old niece, Zoe, child of her sister. So she has long since vowed never to marry or have children, so this is awkward fit.

It's clearly seen that the movie is focused on two kinds of chemistry: of the kitchen and of the heart. The kitchen works better;) But chemistry among Kate, Nick and Zoe is curiously lacking, except when we sense some fondness -not really love- between Zoe and her potential new dad. So Zoe gets along fine with Nick (Aaron Eckhart), who lets her chop basil in the kitchen and tempts her with spaghetti, soon she plays like a matchmaker between the two grown-ups.

Kate doesn't appear to have any friends either. Her best meaningful relationship is with the therapist. Kate begins to lose her grip when her sister is killed in a car accident. Things starts to make worse. After a short-time off, Kate returns to work and finds her temporary replacement: easygoing, italian opera-lover charming chef Nick, that he has taken over the kitchen. Nick is excited to work with the famous Kate and starts to happily serve as her sous-chef. However Kate regards his presence as an irritating instrusion and a challenge to her authority.

Their individual approaches to cooking and life couldn't be more difficult. So it's needless to point out that they're also hugely attracted to each other, like a situation of white and black:)

Sometimes movies make sense in logical way, sometimes they make only emotional sense. This movie makes no damned sense at all. Here are some nice messages from this movie I got:

(1) Kate rises before dawn to hit the fish market, and slips into bed right after a hard day evening's work of running an efficient kitchen. She has no personal life: unacceptable, if we remember the saying ''All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy''. Therefore, Kate seems so frustrating in the movie, but thanks to Nick and easily made Kate to be enjoyable and smiley one:)

(2) The customers adore the food, and they urge the restaurant's owner Paula to bring the chef out so they can compliment personally. Kate obliges only reluctantly. I noticed that she is happier behind the scenes, demanding perfection of herself but she also taking pride and pleasure in delivering it. Because it's your JOB IN LIFE.

(3) Romance, commences gradually, is tender but not humor for everytime:)

A deepnote: For those who relish good food artfully presented, who know the joy of cooking and pleasure of eating, this film will not disappoint:) Sumptuously designed, particularly in capturing the culinary arts as well as rich production textures are to make you die for, if you are one of the gourmet dishes:)
A lot of undercooking accounts are the film's unforgettable flavor! Seems that you'll feel really hungry again an hour after leaving the movie like happened to me;) Above shot is a proof that we stopped for shopping after movie:)

It's briefly worth penciling in to your agenda:) Shows that men, too, are very good-looking in the kitchen, remember Nick:)

It's a love story that ends, and ''and they cooked happily ever after.'' I'm pleased to see once again that Romance still running, even it's in the kitchen;)

Stay with the power of LoVe.


  1. Not only cooking in the kitchen, but also love that I see.. so lovely movie:))

  2. Believe it or not, I think the cooking can be romantic. Sharing what you create or sharing while actually cooking. That might be because both DH and I love to be in the kitchen.

    I'll have to check out the movie.


  3. @ Darla: Evet, inaniyorum sana (English: Yes, I believe in you) *smile* By the way, its DVD also available in the markets, check it out.

  4. How romantic! you are keeping it alive! Thanks for your comments at Quick Snap 365

  5. @ Mike: Welcome:) Thanks to you, too, for your visit. Yeap, keeping it alive or not, but depends on the people;) Not important where it is the location.