Thursday, October 11, 2007

O Gleaming Lights...

If you have a material list -like eggs, sugar, flour- then you can make a delicious cake. Well... what if you have some wonderful photos from a trip? You can MAKE A SURPRISE as I do:)
It is nice to surprise him/her and do more than they can expect. It is also useful to keep your customers in the business area as well as to keep the flame burning as marriages can hit some ''down'' times. Surprise doesn't have to be a big one. Small and simple one even works out:)

My dear sis, Bengi, shared her wonderful photos with me upon returning back from London (Turkish: Londra). I wanted to use a simple, small touch that resonate with the meaning, and making her surprisingly smiley one:) Her shots are taken in London, South East (Kent) and South West (Avon). A tango night, a Roman bath in Avon, wild green scenery from a Kentish town, an art exhibition ''man-on-the-street'' in the heart of the City and London eye...

London; for its museums and world-classis music, a land of old... reminds me also those days when I was there -nearby Westminster Abbey- for my Marketing Management education.

O gleaming lights of London, that gem of the city's crown;
What fortunes be within you, O lights of London Town!


  1. How nice to see some sights of London. you took some great shots!

  2. @ Mike: Hi:) A misunderstanding I guess;) Great shots of London taken by my sister, not me. She was there for a business trip. Just cannot remember how many times she's been in UK till today, because she's indeed addicted of London:)

  3. It's a big surprise for me to find my snapshots here on your journal,wow! How wonderful shots I took:))I love London. Can't wait for my next trip to London.

  4. Wonderful photos and wonderful surprise! It is sure that there are places who have special energies. But it cannot be detected by everyone. Only those who love them cam fell that energy. :) I haven't seen London yet but I'm sure I cam leave in Venice for ever and ever.But is not my last choice. I haven't seen Istanbul and it can be a great surprise.
    Hugs, Sma

  5. Nihal,

    I've returned for a visit and I am glad that I did. I love looking over the past few posts that people create and see what is going on in their lives. You and your sister both take beautiful photos.

    ...and my goodness, how many languages do you speak? Italian, too?

    You do a beautiful job.

  6. Hi Nihal,

    The photo's are wonderful. I've been in London and it is a lovely city.
    The big surprise today for me is that we bought exactly the same wool for a scarf. The difference is that you bought it in Tukey and I in The Netherlands.

  7. @ Smaranda: Yep, agree with you, that positive impressions are like seeds. Negative impressions are like germs. Positive impression comes out from positive energy, I mean:) In my life, I try to pick all +'s, although sometimes it can be out of my control:) I'm similar to you, because I've not visited yet Dobrogea, where is my dearest Grand-ma comes from. Istanbul? Come, come again wherever you are, whoever you are, as Mevlana states;)

    @ Karen: Thanks for your good comments:) My sis is more capable than me as she's completed a course in photographing. The languages I am fluent it, yes, more than 1; which describes me better an Armenian saying that goes like this: The more languages you know, the more of a human being you are. My 6th target is to learn greek language, hope soon.

    @ Annelies: Seems very interesting, that we bought it at different times and different zones, surprisingly so cool *cheers* I assure you that will turn a warmy cozy lovely scarf, as I did:)