Monday, October 29, 2007

Pursuit of Liberty

Republic Day was just corner today, maybe not the correct saying as it's already started celebrations from saturday. For the last three-days all the country is colored only in ''red and white''. More and more Turkish flags are being hung everywhere you look. Because it's the biggest event in the year for flags and ceremonies commemorating Ataturk and the Republic. It's the DAY associated with strong feelings of national identity.

October 29th marks
the 84th anniversary of foundation
of Turkish Republic.

An important date marked in Turkish history as the milestone to become a free, independent and a democratic country where many reforms has followed since October 29, 1923.

The principal ceremony was held in Anitkabir, Ataturk's mausoleum in Ankara. Afterwards, celebrations took place with several ceremonies and activities starting early morning today throughout the country, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and in the Turkish communities throughout the world. Some big squares and avenues were closed to vehicle traffic because of the Republic Day parades both students and military personnel staged across the country. Turkish Airforce were also celebrating the special day. In the evening there was an amazing fireworks show on the Bosphorus bridge. Here I invite you to share our excitement and enthusiasm viewing the photos of this important time:

The Istiklal Marsi (known as Independence March), is the Turkish National Anthem. Its lyrics:
Fear not! This crimson flag rippling in these dawns will never fade,

The last hearth burning above my nation,
It's my nation's star, it will shine,
It is mine and for my nation solely.

From the beginning I have lived and I will live free,
Freedom is the right of my flag, who has ever lived free!


Turkey honors
Mustafa Kemal ATATURK,
the founder of modern Turkey
and its First President

There are times in the life that ''words can't describe the feeling''.


  1. Happy celebrations of this day!

    Yesterday I listened to a program on our public radio station (NPR) that included a lot of information on Turkey in relation to current politics. If I hadn't been coming to your blog I doubt if I would have listened with so much attention.

    Thanks for broadening my views.


  2. @ Darla: A bunch of thanks indeed for your warm wishes:) If I did make a little lightening in your vision adding new things and insights, then I would feel myself really pleasant one. Thank you for your open-minded ideas, too! Another news to you, maybe you'd be interested in getting to know:
    After visiting the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul last weekend, Costner came to Ankara to visit the mausoleum of Ataturk yesterday. Afterwards, there were receptions for Republic Day celebrations scheduled at the Cankaya Presidential Palace in capital city Ankara. The palace also hosted this famous guest from all the way from Hollywood: Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner attended the reception upon invitation from the President. Costner talked with Prime Minister as well as all other Ministers for a long time during the reception, that news stated. The famed actor, you know, will perform a concert this evening in Istanbul where he will be accompanied by members of his music band, Modern West.

  3. Cumhuriyetimizin 84uncu yilini kutladik, Atamizin yolunda nice guzel kutlamalara...

  4. wishing you happy celebrationsto you all, nihal. seeing kevin costner visiting you so i guess the party can't go wrong for sure ;))

  5. @ Marita: Very kind of you Marita, as always. Sure, all went perfectly in Ankara side upon Costner' arrival, that local papers state. He's again back to Istanbul. We're very pleased to welcome him and his lovely family especially here in Bosphorus side:)

  6. Nice photos, but I especially liked the one with two planes. Nice shot.