Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Do you love surprises? Mee too:) And, life seems to bring bright colorful surprises into my life each and every day.

Any location to you is home to someone else. Your town maybe someone's vacation destination. I know that every place is unique and special. And, it's exciting being on a voyage around the world through beautiful postcards!

We all love to get mail:) Do you send postcards when you away, and do you like receiving them?

I buy postcards from every place I visit, and send them. It is almost my classical action for years:) The point of them is to share a little bit of the place with my loved ones and family. If you can't travel there in person, you can learn about different countries from the people who live there. I think they're great. I love receiving them as well, I collect them all for a real long period of time since my teenages as a kind of hobby.

Well, here is what I received from a dear friend of mine, originally from Greece, but living in Madrid, Spain. I just could not resist, counted one-by-one, and this patchwork-style postcard contains nice 38-spots of Madrid. Thank you my friend and ''Stay'', as you know ''Stay'' is the most charming word in a friend's vocabulary:) Efcharisto (English: Thank you).

Friendship is not diminished
by distance or time,
by imprisonment or war,

by suffering or silence.
It is in deep things
that it roots most deeply.
It is from these things
that it flowers.

by Pam Brown (1928)


  1. I get postcards wherever I go. Most I send to friends but some I just keep as my own reminder.

    I even exchange altered postcards with a group of artist friends.

    Send me your address (privately) and I'll send you a post card.


  2. Yes, I also like to get postcards. I like the quotation.

  3. @ Darla: Oh really? Cannot say ''No, thanks'';) I'll be sending you the data you requested, pls check it out. Again and again many thanks for your kind thinking, and I just can hardly wait for my ''new'' addy from S. California:)
    Oh, me too! I do also enjoy a lot being participated and exchanging creative cards with artists group that give me fun, new horizons and full excitement! Not often, but you know it depends on if I can find enough time.