Thursday, November 01, 2007


Stands in the courtyard of
the St. Esprit Cathedral
Harbiye, Istanbul

Although one of the less remembered Popes of the twentieth century, Benedict XV (1854-1922) was unique in his humane approach in the world of 1914-1918, which starkly contrasts with that of the other great monarchs and leaders of the time. Credited for intervening for peace during World War I. He is remembered by Pope Benedict XV as ''prophet of peace''. His worth is reflected in the tribute engraved at the foot of the statue that the Turks, a non-Catholic, non Christian people, erected of him in Istanbul: ''The great Pope of the world tragedy... the benefactor of all people, irrespective of nationality or religion.'' This monument is as seen in my photo above.

One of the main cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church in Istanbul, being the second largest one, alternatively known as the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, (Italian: Cattedrale di Spirito, or Cattedrale dello Spirito Santo), located in Harbiye, between Taxim Square and Nisantasi in the European part of the City.

Built in Baroque style in 1846 under the direction of the Swiss-Italian architect Giuseppe Fossati and his colleague Julien Hillereau. To my visits, I should state that church inside is very beautiful, with astonishing frescoes, admiring paintings and interesting Baroque style! St. Esprit has been a destination of several papal visit to Turkey, including those of Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, and -a journey last year by- Pope Benedict XVI, look at my photo above.

Today we remember those who have gone before us. They are remembered by their courage and boldness, they loved mercy and did justice, these were unique people whose deeds will not be forgotten.

Here's my wishing, may your life be filled with joy and Peace.

May peace prevails on All Saints' Day and always...

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  1. Good Morning. Thank you for this bit of history and for the wishes for peace. I wish the same for you and your country.