Saturday, November 03, 2007

Visual Delight

''Whatever you do, or dream you can,
begin it.

Boldness is genius and

power and magic in it''


I can't speak for each one of you, but I can speak for myself on my journal:) I should say the fact that I sought out this community as it awes and inspires me every day.

I now make it a point to say that it's so nice to see such a varied group of people from different countries and different backgrounds blogging, and luckily possible to meeting them at times!

There has been such a tremendous outpouring of energy and passion for my writing that the only thing I can think about is this: THANK YOU!

THANK YOU for visiting me and reading my write-ups, for providing your insights and spread the word -it's great to get your each feedback and useful for me on how to make it better-.

THANK YOU for making the leap of faith to join me in this journey! Since the first day of August I started on, it's been an amazing and wonderful experience for me. I've also developed some wonderful friendships along this journey. You also know who you are, so I will not mention names;) But I am happy to call each and every one of you as a friend.

My assistant tells me this journey shall continue;) In other words, Show Must Go On:) You wonder who's my assistant? Attention now:

If you're looking to buy or sell, there is a better way: Chart performance data and statistics on every record. Peak date, peak position, peak topic, countries mostly visiting, distribution by continent... To examine the data with charts is my everytime Assistant:)

Why a chart? Because the chart is very useful, as it could help a production (or development -gives me hints even when I think how to develop my current journal-). A way of summarizing, a set of categorical data or displaying the different values of a given variable (e.g. percentage distribution). It provides a strong visual impression when presenting the data, and tracks the queries. Graphs are also an attractive way to explore and describe the information. You can easily see in pie chart above, Top 5-Countries, where on earth you are from:)

In sum, I get my power from data! Information, or say, the power of statistics is absolute for me! I believe in what they say me, as they speak instead of you. More than you? Yes, it is:) I could hardly wait for getting my first Quarterly figures:)

Here's what you say me for the period of first 3-months: I made a peak with 45 visitors till today, and an average number of visitors ~35 per each day. I, too, eagerly watching you;)

Thanks for letting me know better than I know myself:)


  1. stats really are interesting.........I remember when I started my blog I thought of if someone saw it and commented great...........the number of counrties people are from can blow your mind.........amazing..........

  2. It is fun to look at our blog stats isn't it? I'm often surprised at the countries people are from that have visited.

    Nothing quite beats a comment tho.