Sunday, November 04, 2007


Did you listen Enrique's newest song ''Tired of being sorry''? Me, yes, I did for many times. It's a great song. May I slightly change it to be ''(I was) tired of being watched him in MTV'';)

Yesterday evening we were in concert of Enrique Iglesias at Istanbul's Abdi Ipekci Concert Hall. It was his round-the-world tour with his latest album ''Insomniac''. To the news in his official website, the concert tour, which started in South Africa on Oct 20, and then stopped in Lisbon (Portugal), Zurich (Switzerland) and yesterday evening a meet and greet with Istanbul:)

What can I say? He was rocking Istanbul! A perfect blend of pop music and rock music, that he was indeed amazing with a restless performance
in the concert. Enrique's mellow voice feelin' every word he sings...

Surprisingly a nice conversation happened during the concert. Enrique suddenly invited a 55 y.o. woman sitting in the first row to the stage, and especially young girls were disappointed why not being invited by him. The girls were screaming... He kindly started asking her:

Enrique: Oh, please you! Come on here. And sit down on this garish chair.
Woman: Thank you:)
E: Would you like anything to drink? Water?
W: Yes please.
E: Are you married?
W: Yes, I am.
E: Err, where is your husband? I can't see him?
W: He is not here. He is at the stadium right now, watching the match between major Turkish football teams, Fenerbahce and Besiktas.

All of us were loudly laughing:) Enrique joined hands with hers, and sang a wonderful emotional song together with her at the stage. It was so funny, and he made us all up and dancing with pure joy:)

Let me drop a note here, that I see again football;) Perhaps the greatest unspoken reason that why men love football is because it gives many of the men a few precious, uninterrupted hours away from the females in their lives, that's of course my thinking:) Not evertime, but only World Cup makes me interested in watching. My favorite team is AS Roma of Italy, evviva!

Dublin get ready, here Enrique over the clouds for his next performance tomorrow, scheduled at Big Top-Phoenix Park:) His tour will be ended in the US on Dec7th. As for Enrique's upcoming tour, here.

Last evening, Enrique was in Istanbul's entertainment world. He preferred to Cahide Varyete, one of the world-famous top nightclubs of the City, a fabulous place, very avant guard, very extravagant entertainment.
Related news here. Sounds like that he had an enjoyable time with belly-dancer show;)

Whether you rock out with the rest of the crowd or splurge for the best seats in the house, there's nothing like a Live Concert:)


  1. How Nice!! A concert with him!
    Did you make these pictures?
    They are great!
    Bye, Willeke

  2. well, i bet you had a great time at the concert. enrique was in the netherlands recently for a popular tv evening show. he's very outspoken yet shy but irresitably natural and 'normal' ...

  3. @ Willeke: Yeap, I made them all photos during the concert, except the last one with belly-dancer. Photography is not easy, but it requires some ability and attention, plus eye-catching details. I think this all meets in me:)
    By the way, I visited a blog of someone with the same name like yours leaving a comment there. I wonder if it's you or not? Is this your own blog?

    @ Marita: Irresistably being natural and normal... Not surprisingly, but it causes because he's a Mediterranean guy:) It's a very typical characteristics being lively, cheerful, natural, smiley and also handsome:) Spanish, Turkish, Italian, even who comes from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina... all of them -both men and women- are very well known in this category w/their Mediterranean features:)
    BTW, Enrique will be in Ams'dam for a concert on Nov 20th, FYI;)

  4. You forgot to mention that he's also easy on the eye ;-)
    But maybe that's too obvious...

  5. @ Isabella: Welcome to my journal:) Oh you are from SunShine State? Great! I've been to Florida, and such a place from heaven! Your blog makes me impatient to visit, thanks for stopping by. Your little one Truffles is very cute & adorable!