Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Objects of Desire

Mat Finish
A design of Sigga Heimis, in fibers, the
15'' (~37cm) diameter Swedish mats make a great tea-time mats. These hand-washable mats, which have non-skid backs and come in creame. I just could not beat these mats;) As a symbol of simplicity, elegance and refinement; moreover the quality is beyond compare.

Rest Easy
When the embroidery is as pretty as this, the addition of color would only be a distraction;) A design of Arden Virka, cotton 100%, the 20X20'' (~50cm) sized pillows are available in a variety of colors. It's inherited from my great grandmother that I am addicted these kind of hand-made pillows! These crocheted pillows make relaxation a cinch. I think they are perfect for use in every season, or even catnaps. I know there are really talented ladies watching me, and thought maybe you can create it by yourself. Here its close-up photo for you. No copyright this time:)

I am planning to invite the gals over an old-fashioned tea party, complete with a teapot and cups set -a gift from Singapore, seen above photo- out on these mats for the upcoming weekend. I purchased them at IKEA Istanbul.


  1. The mats are great but the crocheted pillow top really took my eye.

    I believe that is called a Pineapple pattern. Do you know that in the early days in the US the pineapple was a symbol of hospitality? You find it in lots of fabrics and carved into wood as well.


  2. I see myself, sipping a lovely cup of tea and leaning against the crochet pillow. Would be wonderful !

  3. benim çeyizimde de bu dantel modelinden var daha saklıoruz bigün kullanırım.:)
    güzel şeyler var yine sevgilerimle enriquie iglesias fotoğrafları çok etkileyici :)

  4. A cup of tea ...looking at these beautiful crocheted pillow and Swedish mats, what a great week-end afternoon:). Hugs , Sma

  5. tea party! how nice. have fun :-)

  6. Spesso mi capita di uscire per ore e di non acquistare , altre volte invece esco per un'oretta e acquisto tantissimo.
    Riguardo ad Enrique Iglesias qui in italia non viene mentre veniva molto suo papa' Julio.
    ciao ciao

  7. @ Darla: Is it? Pineapple as a symbol of hospitality in early days of US? I did not know, thank you for letting me know, all yrs noted. What about now? It is changed to be another symbol in order to recognize your hospitality for today in US? I'm very curious...