Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bona Fide Fashion


The shops in Istanbul are full for stylish items to cosy up on early winter days
without losing your fashion-forward edge. How is fashion trend in your country? Friends to all women, black and grey are ''key'' colours this season in the City. Look sharp in these windows of Yargici:

All those who think that winter dressing means sacrificing feminine style in flavour of warming but wrap coats really keep you cosy while still looking winsome:) As seen at Yargici, those kind of
wool-mix cardigan is officially hot property this season in City's fashion life. In muted autumnal colours, it's the season's cosiest trend for wrapping up well.

Yargici is a fine luxury brand with a broad selection women's fashion and jewelry with enough contemporary Turkish style and color, being the one of my favorite local brands to shop in Istanbul. Taken photos of Yargici's chain store in Erenkoy on Bagdat Avenue, that's only walking distance from my home. For more, you can browse Yargici.

In detail, ankle boots are also fashionable footwear of the season now in the City, and we being Istanbulities are wearing them. The challenge will be to resist buying more than one pair;)

When fashion and comfort collide, it would be foolish not to make most of it.


  1. Many Indian fashion designers hold fashion shows of their creations now-a-days. And Indian fabrics seem to be showing up in creations outside India as well. I am not quite sure about what is the "in" color this year although I read it in the newspaper (but I forgot).

    Today I posted a photo of Whirling Dervishes. :)

  2. Love the christmas tree bookshelf and the red boots.

  3. I did not know that 2007 is Year of the Mevlana! Thank you so much for directing me to your blog article. I enjoyed reading it very much! Mevlana Rumi's poetry is so sublime. It puts me in a different world when I read it. Do you know Dr Deepak Chopra? He often quotes Rumi. I wish I can experience the Sema at Konya sometime in this life.

    You are quite an artist and a humanitarian. Thanks again.

  4. Well, absent for a while, and so much happened in this wonderful blog: Turkey in Euro 2008 (Portugal too, England out...); Florence Nightingale Museum, another good reason to get back to Istanbul (on a sunny season, preferably…); gold as favourite (probably my fault: didn’t notice earlier, but is a terrific choice); fancy dresses and accessories (no comment)… Great week blogging!
    Now, enjoy your much deserved weekend!

  5. Beautiful this Christmas tree.......

    Here the fashion trend is black ..........and I too love this colour very very much.
    ciao ciao

  6. @ Annie: Warm welcome to you, and tks for your comment:)

    @ Hyderabad: Dr Deepak Chopra? No, not heard of him before. Let me search to learn more as interested in getting to know. By the way, Turkey welcomes one more VIP: Prince Charles arrived with his wife Camilla, the duchess of Cornwall, attended a Sema ceremony performance by Mevlevi Dervishes in Konya. Prince is known for his interest in the Anatolian philosopher Mevlana Rumi. Also visited historic and cultural sites in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul for a four-day schedule in Turkey last week. May you soon find a good opportunity to pay a visit to Rumi's homeland in Konya.

    * Gil and Hyderabad *
    THANK YOU so much for your compliments as All-Ways:) Trying my best as always in whatever I do that is my life motto:) No more anything xtra here but very natural and very hearty side of me.