Monday, November 12, 2007

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

What winter is about for you?
For me, it is from snowflakes to silver nights:)

Henry David Thoreau says that
''the winter is an arctic summer.''

Is it snowing for everyone?

Now we can ''officially'' throw some logs onto fire, heat up the crock pot of soup and some hot cocoa...It is first snow of the season for Turkey, and what a treat! Everywhere to SNOW on cars, roof tops, yards, fences... Nature is painting for us day after day:)

As for Istanbul, winter already made an early visit a few days ago, and yesterday rain showers turned to snowflakes around afternoon. But then it suddenly stopped.

Do you know the average date of first snowfall for your community? Here in Istanbul, the average date of first typically non-stopping snowfall days is around by december 15. Take some time to find out and then hold a little fun contest with your family, friends or even co-workers to see who can make the best guess when the first snow of the season will fall:)

Here are some some wonderful snow photographs taken mostly in the center and also eastern parts of the country; snow fell steadily since the mid of october for the region, blanketing the heights and illuminating the nighttime. Let the season begin!

That being said, I think the snow is totally awesome and truly beautiful if we can see the infinite beauty!

Source: Photographs taken from daily newspapers.


  1. i didn't know that istanbul gets so cold! it looks pretty and i would love to go visit one day. thanks for your comment on my blog! your japanese is amazing!!

  2. It never snows here by the Bay, in fact it only rarely freezes. Our Mountain House gets colder weather tho. It gets some snow but usually not until after the first of the year.

    I enjoyed looking at your snow pictures.


  3. Hi,

    I also did not realize that it gets so cold there.

    For me, winter time is about enjoying hot ginger tea. This is my most favorite time of the year because the weather is so nice and there isn't any dust and sweat :)

    We don't have any snowfall here, although we do have it in the northern parts, but I don't know the dates.

    ノッティンガムブログでニハルさんのコメントを読んでニハルさんは日本語の先生だと推測します。 プロフィールで外国語の先生だと書いたからです。いつでもまたお寄りください。

  4. Oooh! I hate winter but don't mind snuggling under the blanket watching murder movies on television. I'm in Kuwait, so hope to visit Turkey some day.

  5. my dear one...i could not find an e-mail addy for you...but i want to thank you for coming to my party...i so enjoyed your company...rebecca

    beautiful images today

  6. @ Hyderabad: Anata kara no komento o yonde, bikkuri shimashita. Anata mo nihongo ga jouzu desu ne! Doko de benkyou shimashita ka? Watashi wa iro iro na nihon boueki gaisha ni tsutomete kara, nihongo o Yuriko-Sensei to benkyou shite jouzu ni narimashita. Ee, gaigokugo no sensei da kedo, amari shinaide, shuumatsu paatotaimu de kono shigoto o yarimasu. Zannennagara, uchi no kompyutaa wa eigo de, kanji de kaku koto ga dekimasen. Nihongo mo eigo mo docchi demo ii dakara, kore kara mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

  7. @ Zakscloset: Irasshaimase:) Welcome to my journal. Tks for your comments on my japanese; I'm fair fluent in it having both speaking and writing skills.

    @ Weboj: Thanks for your visit to my journal:) Greetings to Kuwait:)

    --A deep note about Turkey's climate:
    We live in a country where you can find all 4-season at the same moment. This is very rare feature for a country, and we are very lucky one! Let me say, for the time being of Turkey it is:
    Winter for eastern part.
    Summer -even you can swim- for southern part.
    Spring for western part.
    Fall plus winter -includes Istanbul as well- for northern part.

  8. ニハルさん、インドで一年半勉強しましたが、まだへたです。僕はインターネットで英吾を教えます。
    日本語がそんなに上手じゃないから今英吾で書きます。 Do you have Windows XP? If so, you can activate Japanese by installing IME. If I can be of help, please let me know.

  9. Another new thing I learned - What a surprise that you have all four seasons at the same time in Turkey!!

  10. @ Hyderabad: A sou desu ka! Yoku wakarimasu. Watashi no hou ga, 4nenkan gurai nihongo o benkyou shimashita. Zasshi ya shinbun ya intaanetto no koto o zembu yoku wakaru koto desu. Nihongo ni tsuite shitsumon ga nattara douzo enryou shinaide kiite kudasai ne. Itsumo ganbatte! As for the installation IME, let me check it out. I'd love to write down here with japanese characters. Merci merci for your kind help from now on. Ja mata.

  11. わたしが さっしや新聞やインタアネットのことを全部 わかりません。たから あなたがとてもうらやましい。:) I appreciate your offer very much. 感謝します。

    Sorry, forgot to mention that IME is a part of XP CDs, and it is not intalled by default. If you don't have the XP CD handy, you can download IME from Microsoft website.

    If it is OK with you, わたしにエメルをだしてください。なぜならばあなたのエメル アドレスが知りませんからです。ありがとうございます。