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On November the 10th


November 10
is the 69th anniversary of the passing away of Ataturk (1881-1938), founder of the Turkish Republic. Today ceremonies take place everywhere in Turkey and especially in capital Ankara, millions are visiting the mausoleum (Memorial Tomb) Anitkabir. At 09:05 a.m., the time he died, vehicles, ships and factories all honk the horns and sirens for one minute and the pedestrians stop walking to show their respect.

Ataturk was a military genius, a charismatic leader, also a comprehensive reformer. It was important at the time for the Republic of Turkey to be modernised in order to progress towards the level of contemporary civilizations and to be an active member of the culturally developed communities. He modernised the life of his country. Ataturk introduced reforms which he considered of vital importance for the salvation and survival of his people between 1924 - 1938. These reforms were enthusiastically welcomed by the Turkish people. According to the law passed by the Grand Assembly in 1932 Turks took surnames and the Nation's leader was given the surname of Ataturk, '' Father of the Turks''.

He completely reformed the country during his 15-year presidency, until his death at Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, at 9:05 a.m. on November 10, 1938. He was temporarily buried in Ethnographic Museum in Ankara. Then a mausoleum called Anitkabir was built in Ankara and his body transferred there on November 10, 1953.

Within the Anitkabir site, there are ten towers situated in a symmetrical arrangement. These symbolize the ideals that influenced the Turkish nation and the creation of the Republic of Turkey. The towers are similar in terms of planning and structure: they are rectangular, close to a square, with pyramidal roofs. Inside the towers, geometric ornamentation inspired by traditional Turkish carpet (kilim) patterns and motifs, can be found on the towers' ceilings in fresco technique.

In front of the Independence Tower, there is a statue group of three women in Turkish national costumes, as seen above. The two women at the sides are holding a large wreath reaching to the ground. This wreath, made up of grain sheafs, represents the abundant country. The woman on the left with a cup in her stretched-out hand is asking for God's compassion for Ataturk, and the woman in the middle, covering her face with her hand, is crying. This group represents the pride of Turkish women, and their solemnity and determination even in the deepest grief of losing Ataturk.

In front of the Freedom Tower, there is a statue group made up of three men, as seen above. The man at the right with a helmet and coat represents a Turkish soldier; on the left with a book in his hand is a Turkish youth and intellectual; behind both of these, in village clothing, is a Turkish peasant. By the grievous expressions in the faces of all three statues, the solemnity and willpower of the Turkish nation are expressed.

What is said after His Death on November 10, 1938:

USA Ataturk reminds one of this century’s greatest man’s historic successes, leadership that gives inspiration to the Turkish people, foresighted comprehension of the modern world and the power and high courage of a military leader. The birth of a free Turkey out of a collapsing empire, the declaration with honour of New Turkey’s freedom and independence and to preserve it since then, is the work of Ataturk’s Turkish People. Without doubt, there’s no other example of Turkey’s undertaking of deep and large revolutions together with the trust that a crowd has in him.
John F.Kennedy (U.S. President, 10 November 1963)

Germany He is not a simple dictator who’s after personal benefit and glory, but a hero who’s trying hard to lay a solid foundation for the generations to come.
Prof. Walter L.Wright Jr.

France Today, more then anytime, Turkey’s history is inseparable from the Western and European history. And Ataturk’s efforts towards that direction and not pointless. The friendship between our countries that surpass centuries, is one of the basic elements of this evolution.
Charles De Gaulle

England The death of Ataturk who saved Turkey during the war, and who resurrected the Turkish people, is not only a loss for his country, but it is also a great loss for Europe. The sincere tears drops that people from all classes have cried, are nothing more then the true reflection to this great man and the Father of the modern Turkey.
Winston Churchill (England’s Prime Minister 1938)

Belgium Ataturk is the man who created the biggest truth of the twentieth century.
Kponhag-Nasyonal Tidende

Sweden Had he not been, modern Turkey wouldn’t have been. Thanks to him, the Turks will follow his extraordinary work and they’ll promote higher their already high honour in the world.
Nya Dagligt Journal

India Ataturk was not only the Turkish people’s leader, but also he was the leader of all the people who fought for their freedom. Under his directives, you have gained your freedom. We too have followed that route to gain our freedom.
Mrs. Sucheta Kripalani (The President of the Indian Parliament Delegation)

Israel Without doubt, Ataturk is one of the greatest statesmen that during the 20. Century and before the war has ever come up; he has been a brave and great reformist that no other people has ever known.
Ben Gurion (Israel Prime Minister 1963)

Switzerland I salute by bowing my head with my deep respects this Greatest Man of our history, the one who created Turkey.
Professor Morrf

Pakistan Ataturk is not only one of the greatest men of this century. In Pakistan, we see him as one of the greatest men of all eras. A military genius, a leader by birth and a great patriot.
Eyup Han (President of Pakistan)

Russia The ruling of an experienced president who’s fame has spread all over the world, has strengthened with a continuing success the independence of the great Turkish people who has attracted the love and respect of everyone and has created its new national structure.
Soviet Prime Minister Kalinin

Greece Turkey has reached the position to be in possession of a genius man that friends and foes are astounded with.

Some Statements of Ataturk:

- Peace at home, peace in the world.

- One day my mortal body will turn to dust, but the Turkish Republic will stand forever.

- Our true mentor in life is science.

- To see me does not necessarily mean to see my face. To understand my thoughts is to have seen me.

- Victory is for those who can say "Victory is mine". Success is for those who can begin saying "I will succeed" and say "I have succeeded" in the end.

As a commander he had been the victor of many battles, as a leader he had influenced the masses, as a statesman he had led a successful administration, and as a revolutionary he had striven to alter the social, cultural, economic, political and legal structure of society at its roots. History will count him among the most glorious sons of the Turkish nation and one of the great leaders of mankind.


  1. 10 Kasim 2007, Atamizin ebediyete intikalinin 69.yili..O'nu milletce cok ama cok ozluyoruz, bize biraktiklarinin mirascisi olarak korumaya yeminliyiz..

  2. a great rememberance and a great lesson in history..."peace to the world"...thank you for sharing...blessings, rebecca

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