Thursday, November 15, 2007

Red Darlings

Package toppers or ornaments, even the festive stockings add a perfect touch to gift or christmas tree.

I get a holiday head start on a few felting projects, ornaments and decoration. I love
to give my tree a traditional flare with ornaments, and it is lovely way to extend my holiday greetings in needlework with easy-to-stitch feltings. Felt (Turkish: Kece) is very forgiving, a joy to stitch on and I like to playing with this material for hobby crafty projects.

This 20 piece set of die-cut shapes has 4 each of four designs in seasonal colors and patterns like tree, (my top favorite) star, flower and snowflake. I adorn my tree, wreath or packages with these cute red-darlings even though I enjoy a classical decoration way with colorful balls and garlands:) As pictured, I made them embellishing with beads.

I love lifting the spirits with these enchanting ornaments:)


  1. Adorable! Isn't it fun to include some handmade things in our decorations?

    You are so smart to start early.


  2. Beautiful!! Very colorful and creative.I also like bright colors on a tree, you gave me an idea. Thanks!

    Unlike you,i still did´nt have time to start my tree,maybe i will start this week end.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog!


  3. They are enchanting ornaments indeed.

    Thanks for your comments. I don't think (at least I don't know) that any foreign kids come to India for Children's Day. Perhaps in future this may happen as India becomes a more desirable destination (as it has become for businesses now).

  4. I saw a program called "Driving Machines: China" on National Geographic the day before yesterday. It is about the car industry in China. You may like it if you get it on Nat Geo there.

  5. @ Darla: Tks for your compliments:) Start early? Let me underline that I dislike last-minute plan/preparation/organization etc. I think myself to be a good time-planner for whatever I do in my life:)

    @ Saude: I'd be pleasant if I could inspire you all. Do not hesitate to apply it for your crafty works:)

    @ Hyderabad: Every april 23rd on Children's Day in Turkey, many kids from many world countries come together to celebrate their day since 1986. I know Indian kids, too, taking place:) Yeap, India has become a growing potential country in biz area as well as the 2nd new engine of world economic growth after China. I'll be looking for the subject you advised over the weekend as I'm pretty busy recently, all yrs noted w/many tks.

  6. Bellissime queste decorazioni.