Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Being NICE

Oh to be pampered...For some, vacation is spelled p-a-m-p-e-r-i-n-g. And the perfect vacation includes plenty of it:)

Now. Wonder to be in an area where so many hotels offer fabulous vistas to pamper the eyes, gourmet food to pamper the palate, all nestled in the rolling green and gold hills where you see wildflowers and sunny skies -283 sunny skies per year to be exact!- from every window to pamper your inspiration... I think the only difficulty is choosing where to be pampered;)

I just found where to choose for my next vacation, that is absolutely Palm Springs, California, that meets perfectly with above description.
Southern California is a land of thrilling contrasts, where the palm-lines avenues of West Hollywood, opposite, are just a few hours' drive from the desertscape of the valleys with its iconic peaks. Have a look at this NICE postcard I received yesterday surprisingly from my Dear friend Darla in Northern California:

Isn't it NICE?! At the salted air of a Pasific morning, the fragrance of sea air and pine in the afternoon light and then the sun sets golden into silver blue at the horizon... Inescapably romantic!

Think being NICE is easy? Think again.

Being nice means going out of your way to do the unexpected. If you are nice in an expected way, it is common decency:) If you are nice in an unexpected way, people notice. This seems fair because to be nice in an unexpected way actually takes a good deal of thought.
I'm always excited to those people because it promises to feature all manner of goodness from very, very kind and thoughtful people.

Thanks that I have got friends being NICE in my life to travel with on the road to happiness:) I'm so grateful Darla for this surprise, and as you know it's another NICE addy for my postcard collection, I will treasure it.

This powerful four-letter word NICE can change your life!


  1. I'm glad to see the postcard arrived. Palm Spring is one of my favorite vacation spots. Although it is in California it is about 500 miles south of my home in the S.F. Bay Area and the desert is so much different from the bayside and mountains where we live.


  2. Hi
    Greetings from Lisbon! Just got here from browsing blogs around.
    Palm Spring seems to be a nice place for vacation,go for it!

    There are still plenty of nice people all over the world...

  3. It is a beautiful postcard.

    Your comments about being nice reminded me of this:
    "Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty." -Ann Herbert. I have seen bumper stickers with this message. BTW, there is even an entry for RAoK in wikipedia:

    And you may find this site interesting as well:

  4. Lovely pics. What am I doing stuck in office? :-(

  5. @ Darla: Thank you sooooo much from the heart! I loved it very much.

    @ Saude: A big welcome to you! Yeap, Palm Springs seems a great place for vacationing. It's already on my 'ever-growing' long wish-list:)

    @ Hyderabad: A great way to share those reference links w/us here. Your kind help via comments section opens a window my journal to be xtra-useful. Thanks a lot indeed.

    @ Weboj: Remember, this time of the year is the time to be stuck at office and/or homes for most of us, no? Yet early for planning any vacation;)