Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa's Magical Ride

Everyone will be mostly home for the holidays making new happy memories with the loved ones that will last a lifetime. Back in days of old, Father Christmas's bags were overflowed as he walked village to village. Not only does he deliver the toys to children around the world for centuries, but he treats for the friends as well;) Santa is sure special:)

Being wrapped up in the holiday spirit took me on making a piece of art charm with 14inches (=36cm) long Noel stocking, photographed above. It's my very classic hand-crafted stuff which I love to make different varied types of it when I do start my decoration work every year. I can say that sometimes little pieces of a unique fabric is all that's needed to achieve a spectacular effect:)

As far as the color preference... we naturally lean toward certain colors, color being one more fascinating dimension of our personalities and with that in mind, I felt the calming power of color when creating this stocking with cool blues and a little greens. So I went to prefer ''blue'' as one of my favorite colors:) I wanted to capture the clear, fresh hues of a rich every tone of blue colored pieces, thinking summer skies -remember it's summer in Australia now-, stormy nights and tropical seas.

This lovely hand-pieced patchwork Noel stocking (Turkish: Noel corabi) with metallic thread, felt backing and tiny beads on it will look incredibly stylish. It's sure to brighten the house wherever it enters:)

And Santa knows whose stocking he's filling:) Also it is holding plenty of other gifts inside that you can not see clearly. Santa beautifully wrapped all of them before off to Australia, as seen in the photo above. Finally Santa was on his way and his arrival turned into an event for Donna in Australia a couple of days ago:)

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to Donna as she hosted the Secret Santa Exchange, that I participated and pleased to be her Secret(!) Santa:) Hope she enjoys with Santa's surprises because I made all of them with love as always.

Decorations in our house show an unavoidable increase every year with the edition of new pieces;) The newest three items in the photos below:)

nihal nihal


  1. The stocking is lovely and the other gifts look great too. I can see you are really being Santa's Helper this season.


  2. southernvalley12/14/2007 12:15 AM

    your xmas stocking looks gorgeous nihal!!
    do you celebrate the holidays as well in turkey?

  3. The Christmas stocking looks beautiful! everything else looks fabulous as well!

    Merry Christmas blessings,
    kari & kijsa

  4. @ Marita: Thanks for your nice comment as always:)
    Remember: Not only Istanbul, but all the country Turkey is one of the rare countries in the world for being the one where people from different cultures and traditions have been living together for ages, like a mosaic.

    @ Kari: Here's a warm welcome for you:) Thanks a lot for your comment, very kind of you. May your days be filled with joy at Christmas and always. (made an early Christmas wish:)

  5. Thanks Nihal.............I love all my prezzies in the parcel.......enjoy your holiday........Thankyou for joining in the SSCS