Monday, January 28, 2008

Loyalty Builders

What a wonderful thing to say to someone
~You Make My Day!~

In life, there are so many different ways to say to someone ''You Make My Day''. Honestly, I am the lucky one to be honored so often with those kind of good expressions that I used to hear are like ''Nihal, you made my day'' or ''Nihal, you brighten up my day''.

In fact I am an Award holder in my life as well.

this way, given on the blogosphere is quite different, and for the first time it happens to me: What a special award!

I read that The You Make My Day Award is given to 'people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland'

The Baha'i House of Worship,
an icon of Indian modernism.
The monumental building
-called the Lotus Temple because of its shape-
was construced between 1980 and 1986
by Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba.

Recently an Indian friend of mine that lives in Hyderabad, the capital of the Southern Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, surprised me by honoring with this Special Award, You Make My Day. I want to give my sincere thanks to him for the kind and motivational words stated about me.

He is from a country of contrasts with its diverse cultural traditions, vital, multicultural and dynamic, old-fashioned and ultra-modern at the same time, poor and super-rich, cramped and spacious, colorful, elegant, chaotic, noisy. Seeing life from his eyes in a country where I have not yet been grabs my all attention for everytime. I would highly advice you to take some time yourself and read his writings in order to get an idea of India's unique atmosphere here.

The Award Rules say that:

1.Write a post with links to blog/s that make your day or make you think, and make the award announcement.

2.Acknowledge the award giver.

3.Tell the blog winners that they have won by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.
4.Be aware you may get the award several times.
5.Display the ''You Make My Day'' in your blog (optional).

Choosing won't be easy but here goes. I am pleased to announce just two today, but any day all of my friends on the roll of ''My Daisies'' could get awards. Oh yes, each one of you is like a Daisy for me, SmiLe:)

(shortly as Joe) From adorable Rome, Italy. His photo blog shows you the areas around his homeland. He's got an artist's eye when he's taking photos. Catch the moment with him:)

Marita: Lives in Holland, and is one of those people that you can tell has a warm and friendly heart. I'm always inspired by her writings especially about love and the nature, her unique way to share her thoughts with gorgeous photographs, and stories from her life and family that all make me interested in reading her journal.

The blogs I read on a regular basis provide me a mixture of inspiration, appreciation, knowledge and even laughter. There are so many intelligent and beautiful people out there! And blogosphere is wonderful in the way that it allows incredible connections.

It's our differences that make us unique,
Our respect that brings us together,
Our talents that foster frienship.
Thank YOU ALL for Making My Day!


  1. The easy access to new friendships is one of my favorite things about blogging. I already read Marita's blog but will go check out Joe's.

    You DO make my day with your wonderful and informative posts.


  2. wow, thank you so much my dear friend for rewarding me with this wonderful gift... feeling happy and honored that my small world contributes in 'making your day'...
    although i don't have the time to post on a daily base, i wish i could do that every single day again ;)) at least i hope to continu doing so...
    thank you so much nihal!

  3. You have a very inspiring blog.
    Congrats on getting the award.

  4. @ Darla: Yeap, I'm completely agree with you. Communication skills are important here on blogland. And I see that some of us are really going strong to move internationally:) You TOO make my day, and I appreciate everytime your open-minded thinkings/comments:)

    @ Annelies: Very kind of you:) Thank you for your energizing compliments!