Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shining Star


When we look over the world, we quickly find out that all people have similar hopes...and dreams...and ways of being happy... And
all of those ways are warmly wished.

There's no better time of year, namely year beginning, to send a sincere message of gratitude -a message that encourages fidelity and ultimat
ely contributes your friendship- not only during the Holidays, but all year long.

Some of my friends kindly shared the deeper meaning of the season with elegance and beauty sending their wishes whilst some preferred via e-mail. Let me see now that they are especially Beatriz from Madrid (Spain), Francine from Paris (France), Darla from N. California (USA) and Liz from Oxfordshire (UK).

it was a pleasure for me to read your letter. It was like an update of your doings in the past year that I see days last for hours, but moments last forever:) It reminded me those Annual Reports of the companies;)

Darla, I loved your surprise: a couple of cards picked up at Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They will certainly add an extra value to my collection, thank you so much.

Liz, Liz, Liz...as always she has been so kind and thoughtful! Her special care and attention went into her design making diligently a beautiful bead Star that comprised the card, as seen a closer photo at the top. I am extremely grateful Liz, and I cannot easily express my special thanks to you for this distinguished gift! I'd like to let you know that I have been collecting my Stars at utmost care gifted by your side till today, and I just cannot remember the number of them;)

I would like to get this opportunity to thank those of YOU again who kindly sent me their messages. How nice to see that Star Bright Season's Greetings that span the globe:)

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