Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where's The 'Change'?

What do you think about the logos of Presential candidates?

It can be subtly or boldy, but it certainly helps to define a person, a product or a company: Typography is the art and techniques of type design, modifying the glyphs, and arranging type.

Why fonts are important? Choosing a font is something that most of us give more or less thought to -Me? I give more thought on it:). Fonts, color and bolding should help to emphasize the content, a point or guide your reader to something of importance. Hence it's important to choose easily readable and clear fonts to present your quality content. Let's face it, most writing is presented in Times Roman or Arial. A great font, and offers a quality presentation that is Times Roman. But on the internet, it can really be hard to read.

To conclude, it can talk to us, give some tips to us, accordingly to the reader
. The logos of presendential candidates are no exception.

Clinton: Type palette is far from fresh and colorful. Has the look of an 80's newspaper layout, a kind of tired feeling as if the ink has been soaking into the page too long.

Edwards: His typeface is open and friendly. A very middle class.

Obama: His type is fresh, contemporary, professional and polished. Has got a clean look of Nike or Sony. The typography is young and cool. The rising sun logo has the feeling of a hot new excitement.

Huckabee: From the six floating stars to the white stripe seemingly stolen
from the Coca-Cola. Setting three promises Faith.Family.Freedom in such a thin weak feels as if it was added as an afterthought. Too light and too small typing is not a real voice indeed.

Giuliani: Gives a feeling of decisive and clear if we look into letters set. Enlarged R introduces other letters like a big, protective parent.

Romney: The letters fit comfortably and form a prettysolid unit. The eagle logo is the head of the US Postal Service logo and the body of the Norwegian flag flowing behind it. Logo is puzzling, and not enough clear what it means.

McCain: The military star centered and shadowed is not-so-subtle touch. His logo has something to say us as if he's already been elected. Additionally, it's interesting that he uses all blue, we do see no red in the logo, but all others have done it.

Above is summarized from an interesting article What font says 'Change'?

That's to see how designs can ripple, spread and make an influence.

If I was to make a prediction based on design, then I would absolutely pick Obama:) Then again, I am not a journalist, and I could be wrong;)

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