Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rediscovering The Moment

Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. I am the believer of this conception as well. It begins with the feeling good about yourself, savouring the intensity of ordinary things. It is our passion to transform everyday routines into more meaningful rituals. So rituals is meant for everyone who wishes to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

In this sense, someone wanted to turn my everyday into something special:) She made a perfect original and surprising gift for me, because each product is based on a ritual as I like very much. Inspiring products for my personal care as well as my home! All of these gift packages are beautifully wrapped, and including a very nice card for her personal message:

If I go to open my parcel;

A machine-quilted table-runner made from Anna Banana pattern using traditional Christmas fabrics, 37X100 cm (=14.6X39.4 inches) long. Fabric is very, very nice cotton type quilting fabric. Its pattern looks so cute as photographed here:

A couple of postcards from her hometown, The Hague, and an elegant candle, the white one. Pretty good item for a romantic one like me:)

Refreshing Rise&Shine Travelset included Rising Sun, Mandarin Delight and Mandarin Shake (no.1); full-bodied Cape Delight Rooibos Tea in unique pyramid shaped bags (no.2); Orange Chocolate Delicata (no.3) and Haagsche Hopjes Bonbons Au Café (no.4) as seen below.

As a matter of fact, throughout the ages giving someone a gift is regarded as a token of appreciation and friendship. Other than this, I delighted very much about the philosophy of Rituals behind the gift that came from my Secret Santa Exchange partner when I was vacationing in Rome. She is Nicolette, from the Netherlands. She's been very kind enough to show me that she understands my wishes, desires and perception with the personal Gift Set above. What can I say, special becomes truly special!

To thoughtful you, from thankful me!

Again and again, A World of Thanks!
(Turkish: Cok tesekkurler)


  1. lovely reading your post...i agree with your thoughts!

  2. What a delightful array of things you received. Opening presents with the anticipation of what you will find is so much fun.


  3. Thanks Nihal for your comment on my blog. It’s wonderful to see the gifts at your place. I’m glad you like everything. I had so much fun making and buying things for you I hoped you would like! Enjoy them!

  4. @ Kalyan: You make me smile:), thank you for your kind words! Welcome to my home.

  5. Wonderful gift for a wonderful person.You brig a sun shine in blogland.
    Hugs, Sma