Saturday, February 02, 2008

One Pearl Day

''Great! There is a 50% discount sale in my favorite store.''

You think happy thoughts of getting all the stuff you always wanted, and rise very early to get to the store before all the good stuff gets scooped up:)

I have been observing an increasing number of advertised sales in our local papers. They run almost every day of the week. Interestingly, it never comes to end nowadays;)

Stepping into the clippings of the companies. Here are a few samples for your review:

Because of global warming, last year many companies could not sell most of their clothing lines, especially the winter clothes. Moreover, the number of their stores around Turkey increased together with increased personnel, and now they have more items sold with up to 70 percent discount (Turkish: Indirim), sometimes up to 50 percent plus 50 percent! See below.

That is an urgency sale. It follows from the limited time offer announcement. Saying:

''One pearl of great price to this day!'' (Turkish: Birinci Gun)
''This offer is valid only if you come one day this month. We will give an additional 50% discount, totally 100%''

Since many advertisers consistently keep using such sales strategies, something must be obviously working good for them. In spite of sounding interesting above, such sales tactics call upon customers' sense of urgency, and usually coax them out of their money for senseless stuff.

It is a new month, February for all of us.

In Turkey, shoppers still spending at discount stores that already starts every october.

Discount sales in your retail stores still around that people continue to go crazy for them like ours?


  1. oh dear, no crowded stores on sale for me :(( i get clausterfobic with all these stressing and chasing people around.
    but you go girl, get your pearls!
    ...birinci gun and have a great sale catching!!

  2. @ Marita: Companies prefer Turkish Liras over 'quality' during discount sales. So I am ALWAYS careful as Q'ty is the main thing in my life, and (maybe strange) that's why I dislike shopping in those 'indirim' days. Interesting ads never enough trick me:)
    By the way, 'birinci gun' is already over, as it was two days ago.
    BTW, how impressive to see your Turkish, bravo;)

  3. Everything everywhere is always some percent off. New things are put out with the "sale" signs there. I think they should just mark the price they are going to sell the item for in the first place. If it is going to sell for $5 then don't mark it $10 and tell me its 50% off. Can you tell I don't like shopping?


  4. Indirim Gunlerini seviyorum,ozellikle %50 ve ustu olunca:))normal sezonda,tum urunler maliyetinin cok ustunde fiyata satiliyor.%XXye varan indirimleri yapan magazalara ise cok uzagim,tuketiciyi yaniltici ve de aldatici.
    Sonucta,I love SHOPPING,it makes me HAPPY like every woman ;)

  5. @ Darla: Yeap, you are right. Either q'ty or price. These are main 2 strategic topics that companies are generally focused on playing during discount days:)

    @ Bengi: Walla biliyorum artik senin ne kadar alisveris tutkunu oldugunu, soyle ozetleyebilirim seni: 'Nothing can stop you from shopping':)