Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today's business world is very different from even five years, and in this rapidly changing environment the qualifications that are required for success alter change. As globalisation and technology place increasing pressure on business to turn ideas into revenue, businesses need their teams to play an even greater strategic, forward-looking role.

What management skills are in demand in today's
international business environment?

The answers can be grouped into three major categories:

[1]People skills:

1.a.Managing and leading people in an int'l environment
1.b.Interacting with colleagues to get things done

[2]Networking skills:

2.a.Communicating to Senior Management and Key stakeholders
2.b.Developing personal influence and impact
2.c.Managing alliances and collaboration with other companies
2.d.Internal consulting skills for managers
2.e.Negotiation skills
2.f.Managing conflict

[3]Operational skills:

3.a.Business Plan: How to develop and present it
3.b.Making the most of your outsourcing projects
3.c.Managing dedicated client project teams
3.d.Dealing with Line Managers (for staff and support functions)
3.e.Knowing business beyond your functional area

I think that going forward it's not just about the technology, but it's about bringing business knowledge along with the technology. Additionally, it's just as important as to how you get them. 3C's rule for getting the results for you by: Challenge. Connect. Create

Early career, mid career, peak of career, and leaving a lasting legacy. What are the footprints that you leave as you have moved through your career?

Remember, there are no restrictions on what you can do next --only those you impose on yourself.

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