Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Good Time To ''Review''

Are you interested in astrology like me?

Astrology is a wonderful mix of science, art and craft.

The best part of it that no matter how much one learns s/he can never embrace all its knowledge. This is what makes Astrology a science.
I'm so grateful as I am always thrilled with it. If there's science and knowledge, then I am just there in:) So, astrology is a part of my daily life!

Astrology is a tool that can make you aware of patterns, like those come during a Mercury Retrograde. Good news for everyone that the first travel of this year's Mercury Retrograde ended yesterday, on February 19th:)

Yes, good news for everyone! You can resume your new projects, purchase major appliances and even get married what legal;)

Mercury, the Divine Messenger

A short description of the astrological meaning of Mercury: the divine messenger -the god of the crossroads-, dispassionate adviser, intellectual wizard and master of healing. In other words, Mercury symbolises mentality: our intellect and mental outlook, the way we think and communicate. How we get where we're going, both physically and mentally. Are you a rabbit, or a tortoise? Check out Mercury's position in your chart as it will tell you all:)

In mythology, Hermes (the Greek forerunner of the Roman Mercury) was not only the Messenger God -he also guided the souls of the dead into the underworld. Mercury Retrograde can open up a doorway into the 'underworld' of our conscious, which can change and transform the perceptions and experiences in our 'above-ground' conscious mind.

The Mercury Retrograde is a good time to rethink, rehash and reflect, when the underlying patterns come to light. Let's see in detail:

--It is a good time to catch up on things we've been putting off. Something from the past might return in a different form.

--It is a good time to expand our awareness into the back corners of our mind and the mysterious depths of our unconscious; a time to 'reflect'.

--It is a good time to mediate, dream and be creative. This can mean people, ideas, or buried insights that need to surface for us to move forward. Often it's felt as a contemplative time, depending on the sign, a chance to go over old ground again, to claim what we missed the first time.

--It's a great time to do research and gather information, while Mercury is retrograde, and then make our final decisions after it goes direct, if possible, ideally good 2-3 weeks afterwards. Because this is a long-held belief that it's best to avoid making set plans during the Mercury Retrograde. It means being cautious about things like signing contracts, and forming partnerships and corporations.

The Mercury Retrograde is shaped by the sign through which it is cast. A Mercury Retrograde in Acquarius -like the first travel ended last day- gives it a different spin, with a review of group dynamics, the larger human community, all from a detached perspective. Mercury turns three times a year, so do not forget to see the Retrograde periods for every year, and to the sign in which it happens.

It's also good way to take advantage of this energy to read books and to learn about the areas of our life that are active or problematic -including about Mercury Retrograde itself, you can check out this recommended handbook for more insight.

The Mercury Retrograde dates for 2008 are:

(1) January 28th to February 19th (it's over)
(2) May 26th to June 19th (coming soon)
(3) September 24th to October 15th (in autumn)

Get ready;)


  1. I do follow Mercury and all I can say is WHEW! I'm glad it went direct. Experience has lead me to believe Mercury in retrograde isn't the most positive aspect for me. I'll have to check out the book your recommended.


  2. hi there nihal,

    interesting posting here ... i was a numerologist in a risk management deparment about ten years ago ... back then we did consider both numerology and astrology for time-series and seasonal factors to predict the agricultural demand-supply parameters.

    we however relied more on our actuarial calculations but astrology did help as some supportive criteria.

    by the way, i'm from malaysia.


  3. Hi Nihal, here am I trying to recapture your last posts on my weekly visit… ;)) And always learning a lot, now on astrology (must confess, not my priority...)!
    But loved to see that the snow storm that caught me in Istanbul three years ago, wasn't made express... ;)))
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter
    I’m still strolling around the streets of Sofia!

  4. sounds like feng shui, over here astrology is widely used by Indians together with numerology,interesting post :)

  5. @ Azer: Merhaba Malezya:) Hello Malaysia:) Nice to see you on my journal:) While I was visiting your journal, I noticed a different language to be spoken. Being the one addicted on culture&languages, so I was curious where you're from -as found no info on your profile-, that's the story behind my question;) Tks for letting me know.
    Astrology can be useful 'n beneficial when we're confronted with questions, difficulties and dilemmas in our life. Its really interesting, and can be much more than an entertainment, it can also be used to help us in different situations and many areas like it did help you as supportive criteria:)

    @ Kate: As for numerology, just using simple math's is all you need. It has great significance in many areas of esoteric science and the development of religious belief.

  6. oops around the second mercury i'll be in southern france...
    however i'm not keen of getting maries again, but looking forward to realize a project i've been dreaming off for years...
    who knows??

  7. @ Marita: Astrology speaks:) An advise to rethink when the mercury retrograde. Wish you could be in meditation during the 2nd tour... I'll keep my fingers crossed so everything will turn out okay for you:)