Tuesday, February 19, 2008

White Slavery

A blanket of newly fallen snow...

The snowflakes settle into the branches of the holly...

As far as the eye can see,

my world was white, pure and beautiful!

I went for a walk to see the structure and beauty of snow flakes. (Below) it's me:) It was so pretty good outside. Photos taken in and around my house. A few views taken out of my window:)

I love winter pictures and snow, you?

Heavy snowfalls over the weekend have cut off communities across Turkey, including the country's two largest cities Istanbul and Ankara.

Istanbul received its first major snow of the year this week. Late Sunday it started snowing. We just got 15 cm(=6-7 in). Many schools called off, transportation affected. According to figures provided by the municipality; 18,000 tons of salt was scattered over one night, and 3,557 workers were dispatched to help with clearing the streets in Istanbul.

Also snow and hail have covered large parts of Turkey, with road-air and sea transportation grinding to halt in many sections of the country. More than 3,000 village roads have been blocked by snow, cutting off thousands of people from the outside world.

~Fun and Happy Winter Season~


  1. Wonderful these pics ..........I love snow but this winter here in Milan..........it hasn't snowed.
    ciao ciao and enjoy this lovely landscape.

  2. @ Linda: Yeap, my sister was in Milan a couple of weeks ago, so I received the latest 'live' weather report from her that it has not snowed yet:)

  3. beautiful images of winter in turkey, i heard about the snow on the news ;))
    aaah finaly... i love your picture in the fresh fallen white flakes!

  4. hi nihal, sad :( to say, we'll never see snow in a hundred year, but love the pics anyway

  5. @ Marita: Actually I prefer to be ''secret'' behind my articles. You know beauty is only skin deep, but the thoughts & ideas are important 'n lasting:) My wish is to take place in your minds with my thoughts/ideas more than my beauty:) FYI, I'm enough beautiful one:)

    @ Kate: It is:( I do also aware of terrible fact that there'll be no snow no rain because of global climate change. Therefore I took many photos, at least to be able to show next generations as a reference from our snowy days, good idea huh;)

  6. haha thank you for your comment sweet nihal...
    yes you're right, imagining the author behind posts always makes your mind's fantasy working, guessing, fantasy.
    yet having the chance to actually 'see' an 'unknown' friend's image reinforces bonds from a far distance even across the globe, don't you agree?? ;))
    i love to see your image!!

  7. @ Marita: Yeap, I'm agree with you; it makes possible to build a strong relationship that way. Say it's the power of good communication;)
    Very pleased to see that you enjoy with my image:)