Monday, February 18, 2008

Creative Musings

Thoughts transformed into shapes in the mind,
shapes into a piece of jewellery.

I enjoy relaxing in my home putting together new pieces by incorporating my inspirations from my imagination and the world around me into my exquisite creations. I am constantly on the look out for new stones and colors that I can utilize in my latest pieces as well as new techniques I can apply to my ''hobby work''. I definitely take pride in not only my jewellery collections, but also the quality of craftmanship I infuse into each piece with my artistic skills. That captures the allure of Turkish culture by mixing the traditional with modern, giving you a truly ethnic feel.

Below are the handcrafted products that I made in the latest three months. Those classic beauties are perfect date night, or even just hanging out;) One-of-a-kind designs are feminine styles, light, delicate, easy to wear that
range from casual to elegant.

Now, it's showtime into my new pieces that are designed to accent individuality and enhance the beauty of the woman:)

Every piece is my joy, and every joy is a reason to create a new piece. Following is the gift for my friend Liz in UK. Used natural pearls together with tiny gray beads, that are the center of attraction for this necklace. I hope it allows her to take home a small piece of the spirit from Istanbul:)

It's good to be a woman;)


  1. oooh nihal, these are stunning!!
    lovely unique jewellery.
    and these are just made because of a 'hobby'??
    wondering what beaties you would create being a professional?

    i love the one with the amber and creme pearls!

  2. Everyone is a work of art. Your friend Kim is going to be thrilled with her necklace I'm sure.

    I wear the earrings you made for me a lot and think of you each time I do.


  3. This collection is GORGEOUS!!!
    You have made a beautiful work with this necklaces...
    Love them all.

  4. *Thank you so much for your compliments, very kind of you all indeed!*

    @ Marita: Pleased to see your liking, thanks for letting me know by the way:) Who knows... sooner or later;)

    @ Claudia: Welcome to my home:) Time to time I enjoy seeing where my creativity goes on. It's one of my hobbies, and I really find it relaxing and funny. Plus, I like to produce something 'new' and 'different'.