Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mysterious Sea-ing

Humans consist of 80% water, the earth consists of 80% water; without water there is no life. There have been many visions of colonising the sea -Jules Verne, Jean Gusto and several Japanese architects- but no one has ever managed to realise this dream. Nobody has ever been able to make living underwater possible.

NOW that's what makes it so fascinating.

That's the most challenging factor!

World's adventurer travelers and undersea enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy their unforgettable stay underwater to the heart of Bosphorus's exotic beauty soon:)

Nestled in the clear waters of the Bosphorus, of Istanbul, the Undersea Resort
will be the world's first 7-seafloor resort underwater in incomparable luxury. Just think: traveling deeper into the sea than ever before for a world far below the waves... I'm impressed very much being a big crazy sea-world lover! The project claims that the Hotel is due to open until the year 2010 as it's also convinced that Istanbul is the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010. Related news here.

Other projects are also currently under construction and include Hydropolis, a 220-suite hotel in Dubai, and the Shanghai Shimao Wonderland in Shanghai. Both also plan to open in 2009. Stated in the New York Times that as saying is to open other underwater resorts in the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean in the future.

If all goes well with construction, the countdown already started for Fiji's the Poseidon Undersea Resort to open by September 2008, that will be the world's first 6-seafloor resort at the bottom of the ocean, see above. Isn't it fabulous? It should be also very exciting to be able to traveling deep reaches of the ocean, and getting an up-close look at a new and mysterious environment. Submerged in 40 feet of water in a 5,000-acre coral lagoon near the coast of a narrow, 225 acre isle located northeastern Fiji, (see below, the ground plan). It's stated that you'll be able to spend your $15,000 a week (note that only 2 days of these nights will actually be spent underwater). I think that it will be the most fashion trend among the rich even though it seems a bit murky;)

If you are the one who has dreamt of visiting your imagination's wildest destinations like exploring the mysteries of the sea depths, then get your passport ready to Istanbul that offers an ultimate relaxation for body, mind and spirit:)


  1. lovely reading about this place. I love under-water expeditions....they are so beautiful & adventurous....Istanbul seems to be a lovely place for it...thanks for sharing!

  2. well, i don't know if i should be happy about that nihal!
    in my eyes these places (expecially dubai see the plam and the world) are senseless, needless constructions only made for the very few to compensate the extreme boredom of their wealth.
    meanwhile they continue poluting more and more, the environment of animals are not considered.
    what to say more about greed??

  3. @ Marita: May I ask you if you are happy with ''nuclear weapons''?

    The security of nations — every bit as dangerous as nuclear weapons, you know! Nuclear power is the most dirty and dangerous form of energy. This dangerous legacy, nuclear waste, or spent nuclear fuel at the so called back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle, can devastate the environment and humans for millions of years.

    We all know that it's an expensive technology that poses a problem! I think that countries must urgently stop wasting the taxpayer's money to pursue a dangerous and expensive technology like nuclear power. Since global warming is already upon the world, it's said that there is no time to test costly and time-consuming technologies. We need safer technologies that are cheaper and need refinement to improve efficiency.

    We can tackle climate change and meet our energy needs by cutting energy waste, harnessing the power of renewables and using fossil fuels more efficiently. And we can do this without wasting more money on dirty and dangerous nuclear power! The world is already a dangerous place. Encouraging countries around the world to build nuclear power stations will make it even more so.

    However not a living/stay underwater, and Undersea Resorts construction. Expansion into the seas may ultimately teach us, though, more about living within our means. Expansion into space will also allow the growth of humans (as well as its population) to continue unchecked for the forseeable future. It's not a greed!

    Because human population growth is the root of all other major problems now facing the world. The population has doubled (maybe even tripled) and that, in my estimation, if that trend keeps up over just the next fifty years, the world could become a very difficult place to live (imagine a world of 12+ billion people).

    I think "wishful thinking won't keep the lights on".

  4. Hayal gibi merakla bekliyorum. Otelde kalmasam bile, roofbara gidip bir Martini drink aliriz:)