Monday, February 25, 2008

Green Green

What is Good Luck?

It's true that I am smart, enough talented, and hard-worker than a few others around of me but without luck I can be frustrated to see someone less qualified take the lead. I may blame it on dumb luck;) So good luck is when talent meets opportunity, and there are times that I can not find good luck just-in-time as I wanted very much to be. I wish everytime good luck could be with me.. Believing in luck is silly after all? No. It would actually make our life easier:)

As you see in the photos, my dear sister gifted me 'Lucky Bamboo', or say 'Fortune Bamboo' within a vase bought from IKEA, a design of Emma Dafnas -that I love Scandinavian objects-, having those thinkings in her mind about me...

-- I would receive many benefits from placing it in my house.
-- It would attract fortune and prosperity to it at the same time than helping chi to flow better.

-- I would be adding a nice looking plant which would bring a color and life touch without taking me too much effort to keep it healthy. It's visually attractive, of a jade color and strong yet flexible.

New to you? Yes, it's also new for me:)

All I know that a bamboo, the Luckiest Plant for more than 4000 years, has been a traditional symbol of good fortune, happiness, wealth and health in the Asian culture. Widely represented in Chinese art, literature, and poetry. Ready to learn more about this special plant now?

Not a simple bamboo at all
It's botanically known as Dracaena Sanderiana.
Dracaenas are members of the Lily family, which includes the Easter lily and spider plant. Commonly known as the Ribbon Plant.

Easy to care for
It's characterized by being very easy to maintain. My Lucky Bamboo only needs to have new water once a week, and doesn't need sunlight or any other requirements to survive and be healthy. It will grow in water like cut flowers. A strong plant, which could live indoors with little care for many years by just having its water replaced, that's all what I should do:)

A valuable gift

When the Chinese New year arrives, a special occasion, or the purchase of a new home, Lucky Bamboo is given.

It's part of the Feng Shui way of life

Because Lucky Bamboo is also known as the Feng Shui Bamboo due to its good luck qualities. One of the plants highly recommended by Feng Shui masters. According to Feng Shui, the Lucky Bamboo plant not only attracts good luck but is also good for attracting chi to any specific spot where it does not flow. If you place it where chi does circulate, it would help
you keep it flowing freely and permanently through the whole environment surrounding it. Due to this chi attraction, it has also energizing qualities which make it ideal for being placed near a person whose health needs to be improved. It's believed to bring luck and happiness to those who keep it and to the environment in which it is; luck and fortune to the business owners.

Historically symbolizes
Longevity, the joined stems indicate paths and steps toward enlightment.

Different things depending on the number of bamboo
Symbolizes the following common beliefs:

1...Good fortune (like my lucky bamboo)
2...Love (see below photo)
3...Happiness, wealth and longevity (see above photo)
7...Good health

9...General good fortune


* 4 is not used, consider bad luck since the number 4 sounds like the word 'death' in Chinese. To what I know that it's very similar thinking way in the Japanese culture as well, the negative effect of number 4.

Who wouldn't want to accept
good luck and
beauty-full decoration
for the home or office:)

Thank you Bengi for making a truly meaningful gift to me! I follow up the Feng Shui advice, placed it in the southeast corner of my home. I know you're curious about the results;) Believe or not, this luscious plant really started bringing little miracles in my life, and surprisingly watch my fortune grow:)

Wouldn't you also like a piece? Do not wait to make it a great gift for your friends or family. It's interesting, exciting, fun and a great conversation piece:)


  1. i dedicated my mathematical art pattern to bamboo at one of my blog. a fascinating blog.

    luck to me is nearly everything. some people are lucky enough to be born smart and some people are even smarter enough to get lucky.

    back in my village, we cant afford to rely solely on luck and that is why we plant bamboo around the houses to keep cobras away.

    by the way, do you know any web site that does help translating turkish into english?

    i am a frequent visitor to mustafa senalp's blog but hardly understand the content.

  2. Hem Sans Getiren Bamboo,hem de yesil daha ne olsun :))) nice sanslara...Bengi

  3. We have a pot of Lucky Bamboo, one with three stems. We haven't considered the Feng Shui of its placement tho. Perhaps we'd better do that.


  4. @ Azer:
    1.Yeap, viewed your blog dedicated to bamboo, it seems really interesting, but I see no longer it works:( Why you stopped?
    2.Not agree with you. To be born smart sometimes can not get enough;)
    3.Any translator from Turkish into English? My mother tongue is Turkish, and I do no need any of it:) *Joking, smile*
    Let me say you Turkish, rather easy, b'cus has a Latin alphabet, with few letters missing such as x, q and w. In fact, it is very difficult since the grammatical structure is totally different (and very difficult) from english, for example. How can you undestand his blog???
    I really have no info on the tool you asked for. Wish I could be helpful for you..

    @ Sis: Gercekten oyle, yesil yesil.. Baksana doga eve girdi sayende:) Nerdeyse dogaya cikmasam olacak gibi;) Merci&Hugs.

    @ Darla: An important advice from Feng Shui masters to place it in the southeast corner of the home for the best luck. Do the replacement:)