Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Open For Everyone

''Number of foreigners arriving in Turkey
rose by 17.8% in 2007 compared to 2006''

Number of Israeli tourists is surpassed record number of 2006 with a stunning 41% increase in 2007, and all-time record, wow:)

The number of Asians visiting Turkey increased by 25.8% in 2007, great:)

There is a serious increase for the number of American tourists visiting Turkey; the number is up by 21.4% compared to 2006, thanks:)

Tourists coming from countries of the 'Commonwealth of Independent States' rose by 27.9%, while visitors from OECD-member European states increased by 12.3% in 2007.

Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism started 2008 promotion campaigns as of the current year beginning. Turkey will be promoted abroad with different promotional campaigns, and five new destinations films in each regional market presenting the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region, Aegean Region, Cappadocia, health and thermal tourism, and Turkey as a whole, see the ads above. The ministry will also prepare new films about other regions particularly the Black Sea Region, and different tourism preferences such as sea, sun, health, thermal, winter sports, yachting and golf.

an important piece of
the economic development puzzle

Additionally, in 2008 the Ministry will attend 142 tourism fairs in 56 different countries. Turkey participated in the Utrecht Tourism Fair, the Netherlands, last month in mid of January. Next, at a Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain between Jan 30th and Feb 3rd. Now Turkey will be presented at another
fairs to be held in Milan, Berlin, Moscow, Dubai and London this year.

Turkey has been named in Thomas Cook's Top Five Value Destinations in 2008.

Move here, Meet here:)

~Traditional Turkish Costumes

Source: All stats data is
according to TUIK (Turkish Board of Statistics).


  1. merhba nihal hanım.. size boşuna kültür elçimizsiniz demiyorum yine çok güzel fotograflar eşliğinde datalar vererek Türkiye'ye gelmeyi özendirici bir yazı olmuş. sevgilerimle

  2. Turkey looks very inviting. I'm not quite ready to move there but it sure would be fun to visit.


  3. wow ... good job by those people in the tourism industry.

    turkey is so well known as tourist destination ... historic, scenic, and ehem ehem beautiful women

    hehe :-)

  4. @ Iz: Ne guzel seni tekrar burda gormek, guzel yorumun icin tesekkurler:) Bakanligin hazirladigi kampanya fotograflarinin bu kadar guzel ve davetkar olmasi bosuna degil, cunku ulkemiz Turkiye zaten baslibasina 'muhtesem'. E haliyle, cekilen fotolar ve sonucta yapilan kampanya calismalari hersey 'cok guzel' oluyor. Icten sevgiler:)

    @ Azer: Thanks for your nice comment:) Indeed, Turkish ladies have a reputation for their beauty. Its amazing to see how this fame widely has spread out in Malaysia as well abroad;)