Friday, February 29, 2008

Out Of The Box

I've picked out this work -writing stuff- because I have this view out the window that I feel is kind of curiosity, and explore more and more:) My window is small, outside is really crowded. I like watching out it during daylight or night, seeing the people, and different life styles go by, wondering where they're going and what they're doing, where they've been, who they're talking to on their own places, what they're talking about. I imagine little worlds for them:)

I wonder what decisions they made to get here in this huge world? From simple reasons? Or serious reasons? Do they have any aim? I'm sure they are almost the same as me in some ways, and different than me in others. With this, I know that the window I look shapes what I see. The window through which I view the world is different than each of theirs:)

Whatever their points of view, whatever their reasons for walking by my window, I'm thankful. At the same time, I'm thankful for allowing me an escape from my small room into a big world:) To me, each screen is an individual window which is opening to life. My small window allows me to feel that way, although my body is here, my spirit is out there walking around with those people, playing in the grass, enjoying the clear blue of the sky, walking down the streets, smiling to the sun together. As it's the basic idea of a metaphorical window, that I don't have to be there physically, however to be outside with those people in mind or spirit, that's me:)

What I do believe is that the human spirit can still see the beauty of a sunset, can still smell the wonderful aroma of coffee, can still wake up, and say ''It's a good life!''

Yes, it's a good life if we look at it right. I believe it's a choice that we make:

Antique windows
that can dramatically change and enhance the way the house look...

Highy styled and fantastic wooden windows give a rich artistic looks...

Maybe, then, iron and glass windows that they are quite popular and conventional recently...

With changing fashion and transforming trends, windows also have its share of changes and revivals. No matter windows have the fashion icon in the home d├ęcor sector. Which type of windows is yours?

Needless to mention, I really love those antique windows that they are the conspicuous examples of the age old saying Old is Gold:) I open my antique windows, and my spirit skips out to play. Each day of my life, that's just what I do.

The choice of how to face each day, and how to face ourselves in any moment is ours that we make. We can choose to let life drag us down and soundly thrash us with experience, or we can choose to mentally rise above the adversity that we face, choose to see joy and wonder in even the smallest things. In a word, WE CHOOSE WHO WE ARE within ourselves.

My windows that I do let my heart out to ride are just similar to the ones I photographed during my most recent visit to Italy. Many of the older homes in Italy are full of beautiful and innate craftmanship with minute detail, especially the windows: they look gorgeous, and show a distinct harmony of design. Mix of passion! Careful attention! More artistic! And, CREATIVE SPIRIT! For a better understanding about me, take a closer view for each one of them:

And, open your window,
No matter which way the wind blows;)


  1. Hi Nihal, this is a very pleasant reading and learning from your blog makes me want to go to Turkey, its so exotic, so i'll start saving $$ for my trip soon :)
    was reading about the feng shui thing and you are absolutely right, southeast is for wealth. Southeast is also the element of wood, so water and wood is an excellent combination, here's tons of good luck and properity to you all year round :)

  2. @ Kate: You're always welcome to Turquie, that is a very special country both European and non-European. Plus, Euro is not yet talking wherever you travel in Turquie:) You can manage to have an unforgettable trip with a reasonable budget:) Would be pleased to help you if/when you need, do not hesitate to ask me.

    Oh THANKS A BUNCH for your good wishes, dearest Kate! You're so kind, so... ((Hugs))

  3. i would love to see the view from you antique window... old is gold!
    the images of the different window styles show a glimbs of the lifes behind the shutters! when traveling abroad i always look up, in search for open windows sometimes looking inside when ever possible ;)
    lovely structures and colors!

  4. hi nihal, tks for dropping by....and you have been to Japan? wow..that's a country that i really love to go one day even though it will probably cost me an arm or leg...have a wonderful week ahead. lots of love, m.kate

  5. I love the statement and the images you chose. I agree that our attitude plays a large role in how our day goes.

    I try to keep my "windows" open all the time, open to joy, open to discovery, open to new friends.


  6. Your photos and writings are beautiful. I'll be back!

  7. @ Marita: Like you, I enjoy looking up towards skies when travelling, let's say having a peep directly inside if possible, if I can;) You see I'm not different from you, LOL:)

    @ Kate: Yeap, I've been to Japan for business purposes, as I've worked with world-wide japanese companies. I feel myself lucky having the opportunity to experience life in this unique country Japan. One time I visited Japan in april for Cherry Blossom, and it was the most amazing country I have ever visited. I advice you to visit it in april:) The hospitality of the Japanese people struck me, that's another important detail:) Another thing I love their food. For a visit to Japan, YES, you need to seriously save $$$:)

    @ Hazel: A warm welcome for you:) Would be either pleased if you can, looking forward for your next visit.

  8. Merhaba Nihal,I love these photos too much.When I visit a new place,I search for old doors and windows.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Regards from Thessaloniki.