Monday, March 03, 2008

Lines and Spaces

Love to crochet?

When I was a little girl my grandmother was always sitting at the sofa table crocheting. She never stopped crocheting till the last day of her life. I would always marvel at how her hands moved effortlessly back and forth. She was very talented in it that she was making the most stunning clothes. She taught me to crochet when I was at the ages of eight-nine. That was pretty easy, and it went fairly quickly. Even though I'm drawn to old-timey handcrafts and all forms of art, I'm not a passionate crocheter. However, I like it making only small pieces such as potholder or a shawl, as long as I can find some time from my daily routine.

Did you notice that there's a definite elegance to crochet work? The way the yarn twists and then turns together lets me watch it evolve into something else. It perfectly balances the open spaces as twisted and pulled into shapes. The crochet with all its spaces, when the proper yarns are used, gives warmth and allow a positive airflow. I can easily say that crochet is the visual art of lines and spaces.

Finally it allows to be a suitable hand-made ART for all seasons from stunning outfits, dresses to even home décor. Here are creative crochet works published in my favorite Elle Decor. For more? Visit chez Aurélie Mathigot, French artist. I'm amazed, I love them all! I'm sure you will, too.

What can I say? I am smitten!!! Stunning art works definitely provide a beauty to our life.

I will never forget the crocheted fine collars that my grandma has made for me:)


  1. I crochet a bit and knit a bit. Like you I enjoy making small projects that aren't too complicated. Are you making anything at the moment?


  2. what am i doing here reading about crocheting ... hahaha

    no. actually it reminds me of my late untie. she loved crocheting and was very passionate in it. one day, my cousin (her daughter) sent her to a crocheting class.

    at day one, everybody was making fun of her as they were young while she was 72. one thing for sure, she was in the class to learn new skills and was at crocheting for more than 65 years ... hahaha.

    at the end of the course, she turned out to be the best student.


  3. I love this crochet art. The wine bottle and glass look very real.

  4. bana da örgü örmeyi anannem öğretti.. sürekli ilmek kaçırıp kocaman delikler yapıodum ben de sanıırım 8 9 yaşlarındaydım ve bana sen yap ben oralara çiçek işlicem diodu ve örgü çiçekler dikiyordu güzel günlerdii.. aklıma getirdiniz tekrar teşekkürler ya siz diyorum ama nihal abla desem sakıncası varmı:)

  5. @ Darla: Currently, I'm very busy at work. For the time being, no. No any crafty stuff at hand. I'm into my business...

    @ Azer: Let me say sometimes I can talk on 'womanish' matters like crocheting sometimes on global things, even maybe management:) I'm surprised having a very nice comment from you;) Enjoyed a lot reading your late auntie's passion into crocheting. I see even some gentlemen can follow ladies' handicrafts, LOL:)

    @ Iz: Orgu mu? Orguyu cok erken yasta ogrenmissin:) Ben, ortaokul son siniftayken, yaz tatilinde ogrendigimi hatirliyorum. Hem tig hem orgu cok iyi bilmem, ama kucuk parcalar rahatlikla yaparim. Ozellikle de kisin. Simdi artik kuresel isinma da var, eger kis olmazda ben bu elislerini hic yapamayacagim anlamina geliyor;) Arada bir eskileri hatirlamakta fayda var, guzel anilar bence. Eskiler altin gibi, diimi:)

    A olmaz oyle! Evet, hem de cok sakincasi var (dermisim:) Saka bir tarafa, abla-teyze-hala gibi kelimelere hic gerek yok. Bu gibi ortamlarda farkindaysan, herkes birbirine -kucuk/buyuk farketmeden- direkt ismiyle hitap ediyor. Hanim veya abla kelimelerini kullanmadan, sadece ismimi kullanman yeterli. Baksana, ben daha senin adini bilmiyorum bu arada;) Sevgiler.