Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Compact, Agile and Stylish

The purchase rate of 4X4 vehicles, which are twice as expensive as in Europe, has reached top levels in Turkey. These off-road vehicles were sold for approximately $52,000 and within the past two months, that means Turkish car lovers have spent more than $275 million overall for the purchase of these vehicles. It is possible to see that is a significant indicator of luxury consumption, and competition in luxury brands sector intensifies in Turkey.

The number of cars that have been sold within the first two months of current year 2008 in Turkey is almost forty thousand (the exact figure: 39,784). Of which a total of 3,452 were SUV (=Sports Utility Vehicles), or in other words, off-road vehicles. This means 9% of the vehicles sold are 4X4 SUV's.

If we look into the sales figures, Turkey has climbed the ladder over many countries in Europe and has attained a European average, that is stated by the Automotive Manufacturers Association of Turkey.

While Turkey ranked in ninth with these sales figures in Europe, this rate is...

(as percentage)

8.7 in England
7.1 in France
7.3 in Ireland
6.5 in the Netherlands
3 in Portugal

Kia's Sorento, Kia's Sportage and Suzuki's Grand Vitara have been the three best selling SUV brands in Turkey for 2007. We expect 2008 to be the year in which even more brands just to continue by introducing their new models in SUV segment. Nissan's New XTrail and Toyota's New Land Cruiser were already launched. Others to enter into the market are:

Audi Q5, BMW X6, Citroen CCrosser, Ford Kuga, Mercedes GLK, Mitsubishi New Outlander, Peugeot 4007, Renault Koleos, VW Tiguan, Volvo XC60.

Which SUV would you prefer that I have no idea, but I am still waiting when my favorite Ferrari would make a SUV:)


  1. Reports in the US say sales of SUV's have fallen. This is in response to the high cost of gasoline. Hybrids seem to be getting lots of interest. I think there are some SUV's in that category but I'm not sure. Maybe a Lexus.


  2. wow ... ferrari is way very nice.