Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Sun is Out and Shining

Spring is life
Spring is hope

So is love and

Spring renews.

Without spring,

life is forlorn.

Spring is nostalgia

after bitter storm.

Put spring in your heart.

by Archie Greenidge

Cheerful spring flowers, really pretty spring colors, spring showers, spring breezes, birds chirping, bringing the sweet smells of green grass...all about Spring is upon us. I think nothing like a spring bouquet to give a happy touch for our be-loved ones. The source of my happiness is that Spring arrived in Istanbul. Sunshine will feel so good again:)

Oh, don't you wish that spring could forever stay with us;)


  1. Is that so? Maybe I should try to re-do my experience without a snow storm threatening... ;)
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. no spring over here nihal :((
    just 'enjoyed' a snow blizzard at the beginning of last week, makes me even longing more for spring and warm sunshine!

  3. @ Gil: Your programme is:
    Target: Re-visiting Ist'l.
    Time advice: Preferably in spring or summer, autumn could be also fine:)
    We wait for you, Sir;)

    @ Marita: Looks like Europe is freezing;) A few friends said the similar things how it's cold with strong winds and even snowing!
    Early this morning I enjoyed the warm weather and fullshine thinking of you Marita:) It seems like summer standing at the door for us! B'cus it's really hot here over the season normal degrees w/fully sunny, yahooo...:)

  4. Nihal, Send some of that Spring stuff this way! Thanks for visiting me! Visit again today for another chance to win a handpainted gift!

  5. Hi Nihal, tks for popping by. I love this post and love the pictures of mosques, in fact, wanting to take some pic and blog about it too, maybe soon. Yes, I'll have to save lots of
    $$$$ to be able to go to Japan, one day, nihal...i'll make the effort to go, if it doesnt cost me an arm or leg, that and Turkey as well. Love everything here. and PLEASE come by and send me an email, i want to send you a pack of postcards from my latest visit, historic malacca, i look forward to hearing from you dear, have a fantastic week ahead :)

  6. Thank you Nihal for the spirit of spring you gave us! Here, very close to you, spring in on the way. The tulips are showing their heads and the birds are ready to rebuilt their nests.
    Have a wonderful spring my friend and lot of love!
    Hugs, Sma

  7. @ Hazel: Just sent it right away to you, get it;) I can not visit so often as I ever wish because of my busy schedule at work now-a-days, that maybe I missed your giveaway:( However right now I will visit you, to check my chance if any, OK?

    @ Kate: You're warned once again, dear. Traveling Japan is not an easy task:) But it is worth! Another unique world, and a 'Must' if ya ask my opinion. It was most kind of you to invite me for your giveaway. I would not get to know if you did not drop note here because I cannot login so often from my busy tempo at work. Did you check your @mail? Impatiently waiting for my Historic Malacca p/card, that'll be a great contribution for my collection as well. Merci again for yr kind efforts on this way, my angel-hearted friend:)

    @ Smaranda: Not closing to you geographically, but at the hearts as always:) Baby tulips here impatiently growing day by day like yours in Romania. You, too, have a love-full Spring.