Friday, March 28, 2008


Liven Up Your Living Area?

The 70's and 80's have seen Turkey's Superstar (as she called herself), being an icon of Turkish pop music, and the most popular woman as well. Her modern look, catchy songs, readiness to reinvent herself, and her productive career secured her a large audience and a wide fan base.

Going from one transformation and to another just like the many Barbie images, we meet a different Ajda emerging with her every new song: you had Career Ajda in a suit, Sporty Ajda with the headband, Romantic Ajda with the off-white, ...

From 90's on, Ajda, a slim blonde figure, started her transformation under a series of plastic surgeon. Who believes today she is over 60's yrs old?! Her surgery addiction makes rise for her to be preferred on advertisements/campaings like the Polisan Gulen Boya's (English: Smiling Paint of Polisan) customer oriented approach while developing new products and services accordingly, see the photo above that's a
bus-stop Speaking Ads board, last day I took it. Related news here.

Perhaps you may ask why it is noteworthy? Simply to explain, as for the average of Turkish people the name of Ajda is synonymous with paint and transformation:)

It seems like that the whole advertisement will lean on the idea that a paint can really transform your house into a place you love to come to;)

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