Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Gift Of Hope

Life is a journey.
And, the path is ever changing, sometimes winding its way past gentle streams of peace and joy, but at other times traversing sharp rocky notchs of hurt and sadness in the valley of despair.

A freedom that exceeds our expectations...

I believe the source of that freedom is an act of extreme forgiveness that has the power to change everything. Because it's Easter.

Now it is exciting Easter.

No matter your beliefs, how liberating to believe that there is still hope, hope for enjoying each moment we breathe, hope for all the emotions it can bring, hope for spiritual renewal, and hope for an exciting future! As it's said that the present life that we have is a 'gift' from God.

Hoping that everyone's journey leads to the mountain of hope.

Taking advantage of this special time to heal and renew,
to fill with overflowing hope and joy,
Happy Easter (Spring)
to everyone:)

I must thank from the bottom of my heart for Liz in UK, and Darla in N. California, who sent me those gorgeous cards including their very kind wishes inside. Truly beautiful ones.

Special people like both of you are meant to be treasured! Each one of 'You' are great friend, so caring and sweet for me.


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  1. nihal, i like this post, the words are beautiful and it's so wonderful
    to know so many new friends and learn many new things, and I think i am in love with turkey already just by reading your blog