Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Adding A Touch Of The Exotic

If you love seeing the secret beauty treatments, and the changes that people make in their lives -yes you can change, then check out the amazing Daily Candy.

I open my Daily Candy Seattle e-mail every morning; that's beyond to be featured a lovely daily e-mail... a guide to what's hot, new and undiscovered as useful as it is entertaining.

An article dated Apr 18th from Daily Candy as seen above, ''Out of The Closet'' talks about a young Turkish Designer, that she recently moved in New York, and her exotic work (see top photo). Because all of the materials she uses come straight from here, Istanbul's Grand Bazaar. To see her styles, go here. And circle your calendar for May, as her incredible scarves will be in sale.

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  1. Always looking for little ways to spice up by rather basic wardrobe. It just so happens that I posted about "arting up" a shirt today on my blog.