Monday, April 28, 2008

The City Served The Kings

-The Temple Of Zeus-

The well-preserved site of Aizonai Antique City is located in the south-west of Kutahya city in Anatolia. It has important Roman remains, and was the site of an early Christian bishopric. It is also where one of the best-preserved Roman temples in Western Turkey, the Temple of Zeus, is located (above).

Besides the Temple; am
ong Roman ruins in this site are a theatre with a capacity of 20,000 people and adjacent to it a stadium of 13,500 people, two hammams (Turkish Baths), the first stock-exchange building of the world, a street with columns, five bridges across Kocacay of which the two are intact, the sacred area of Meter Steunene, necropolises, an ancient dam on the Koca Brook water channels and monumental gate structures, which can be seen in Aizonai. The gigantic podiums and the high columns invoke the splendor of this City that used to serve Kings once upon a time. Visit here for more photos.

The Ancient City of Aizonai was contemporary with the cities of Ephesus, Pergamos and Side.

Although the history of Aizonai goes back as far as 3,000 B.C., all of the buildings in this City are from the 1st and 2nd centuries of the Roman period. The Temple of Zeus identified with this city was also built during this period. It is thought that the Temple was dedicated to both mother goddess Kybele and Zeus.

While the name and story of the Zeus Temple is known widely, only few are aware that one of the best kept temples of the antiquity, the Temple of Zeus is in Aizonai Antique City, and waiting to be discovered.


  1. the temple of zeus..whoa..didnt know about that or if it was even here in turkey, must be very nice to go there and see this wonderful piece of history :)

  2. Absolutely fascinating. I never knew about this - thank you for sharing.

  3. i love the relief in front of the temple...
    drifting back into the times of full moon nights and flickering stars, strolling across the small streets of kutahya, smelling the aroma of fresh made evening food coming from the houses, passing by the sacred tample gazing at the ornament above... still on it's place!

  4. I dream to go to Anatolia . this temple looks gorgeous