Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Streetlamps

Our population has grown so much, and it is effecting our environment. There are still little things that we can do that will make a huge difference in the environment. I appreciate that people take actions to 'help the environment'. The earth is fine regardless of what researchers or political figures would like to prove. Basically, how I feel is that once we help ourselves, either it be using less electricity which in turn saves you money, the better we are doing for the environment. The better, but nothing we do is going to make it so that the earth will stop/start what is doing. I think that we are fortunate to have the world we have, and it's amazing how the little things make such a big difference...

German artist Yutta Saftien was in Istanbul to create a Greeny Project at Nisantasi in order to remind people ''the green'' gone as the result of global warming. (Below) the clipping taken from a daily local paper dated yesterday; when Yutta was getting busy with a streetlamp in Nisantasi.

''The Greeny on Tour'' passed through City's Nisantasi district, and each of the 38 streetlamps on Abdi Ipekci Avenue was ''greened up'' with a long shiny Greeny stem with leaves and blossoms in a real short time between Apr 22 to 27th (below).

As far as the Greenys, they are the artificial plants made out of green material, mainly wool, crocheted by hand that aim to raise awareness about the effects of global warming on the environment. So the Greenys are generally placed in the public areas to enable the passers to knit or crochet with the offered material beside. Everybody who wants can start to knit or to crochet, and let the Greenys grow this way. Yutta is the brainchild of it, and has been developing the idea of streetlamp-Greenys since 2002.

Not only Nisantasi on the city's European side, the Project, which is supported by thousands of people from around the world including the US, Germany, Brasil, Scotland, the UK, Japan, Chile and Uruguay is now moving to the area where I live in, Baghdad Street on the city's Asian side. I'm excited to take my crochet hook and put my addy letting the Greeny grow:)

The final and most exciting stop of the Project, after Berlin and Istanbul, will be again Istanbul:) as it is the only City in the world to connect two continents. Named Bosphorus Greeny, a Greeny will be grown on the Bosphorus Bridge -above and below-, and will carry the theme of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture.

I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to Yutta as she really does a very good job to make a more peaceful and green world, caring for the environment.

::: Let's care for a Greeny within the reach of every human being, irrespective of position, country, culture, nationality, gender or age :::


  1. How very interesting. I had not heard of this project. It is so good that there are people like Yutta that help to bring environmental issues to the forefront. I believe that it is exactly this type of project that will gain the interest of the most people.

    I try to be conscious of environmental issues. We try to reduce usage of everything possible, and we reuse many things which years ago would have been discarded. And, then there is recycling. The area in which I live is great about recycling, and very supportive to individual home recycling.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting project. It is so good to know about efforts around the world.

  2. Anything that makes people more concious of the need to use good practices in their environment is worthwhile. I'd love to bring my crochet hook and join you.


  3. Such a fabulous project! Thanks for sharing the good news.