Saturday, April 26, 2008

Remember Moments

''Life's like a play;
it's not the length
but the excellence of
the acting that matters''

Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD

Today it is my great pleasure to present my Awards Ceremony, already in progress;)

First, second and now ''The Excellent Blog'' taking home third place:) Kate from La Ville Est Belle gave me this award for being an Excellent Blog the other day! Thank you so much for the kind honor of nominating my work for the Excellent Blog Award, Kate! Truly I am honored.

I shall express my feelings now. I would like to continue writing for a living. In other words, I should say that I would like to make my living doing what I love to do the most: working and writing. It is a dream and a goal for me that sometimes looks far, far away but other times looks so close that I can touch it:) I reach that goal the experience is worthwhile because I am learning so much and meeting so many wonderful people during this voyage. Therefore we all are entitled to our dreams, right?

I send you this flower,

because I want our memories that last forever:)


  1. Don't give up on your dream because if you want it enough, it will happen.

    You have a gift, and you should pursue it.

  2. @ Beverly: A special Thank-U for the encouragement. I appreciate it:)

  3. Hi Nihal! Thanks for having been so kind to comment on Blogtrotter while I was absent! I’m back and trying to catch up with your posts!
    First Congratulations for the much deserved Excellence award. If there is a blog deserving awards, yours is the one!
    Loved to read and see the pictures of the amazing post on the Toy Museum and Mona...
    Now, don't be mean and don't tempt me with those Dessert Carnival Party recipes... ;)
    Finally, I was enjoying the post on inspiration and your description of Istanbul (I think you could forget Paris, Prague, Venice, Barcelona, Italy and keep it just Istanbul...) and then came the shoes. Ladies shoes always remind me of Mrs. Imelda... and that's too much... ;))
    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  4. beautiful Nihal, everytime i come over here, I am wishing,how i wish i am as talented as this Nihal, she has the freshest ideas and blog about so many stuff, well researched and a joy to read. actually, the excellenet blog truly belongs to yours like what Gil said. i am just super glad that we are friends and no blog is complete unless we have friends. I am also sure your dreams will come true given your talent:) thank you so much for that wonderful flower, i shall upload it if you dont mind because its not just any award, its a personal message from Nihal, a good reminder of you whenever i blog. lots of love and a big hug to you. happy week ahead :)

  5. @ Gil: Nice to see you, Gil. Glad you had a great time and that you are back home safe. Looking forward to read your travel notes from South America. Pleez do not keep us waited too long;)

    @ Kate: Wow!!! Thanks for all of your great sincere compliments. Oh sure, needless to ask me as I made that photo image only for you, Kate with a theme 'My hand to you'. Keep it, place it wherever you wish. It's yours:) LuV.

    ~~~~~~~~ from Nihal ~~~~~~~~
    Life is precious.
    Y'all are precious.
    And one more reason to move this blog to a new platform 'WonderLand' with your comments, because:

    All of the comments - precious, precious comments:)