Friday, May 16, 2008

Deepening Relations

''Turkey is uniquely positioned as
a bridge between
East and West.''
by Queen Elizabeth II
May 13 '08, Turkey

-Queen Elizabeth II-

The Queen of the United Kingdom was on a four-day visit, on May 13 - 16, to Turkey with her husband, Prince Philip. So Queen Elizabeth made her second visit to Turkey since October 1971. Royal Couple visited some of Turkey's most revered national monuments, and took part in religious and cultural traditions as well.

Firstly, Royal Couple arrived in capital city, Ankara. Visited
the mausoleum of Turkey's founder, Ataturk.

An offical welcome with full military honors by Turkish President. She was wearing a dark-colored suit with green trim and a matching hat.

An official state dinner at the Cankaya Presidential Palace. Wearing a tiara and dressed in white gown embroidered with beads in the form of grape bunches. Glamorous, I loved!

Queen visited the northwestern province of Bursa on the second day of her trip. Bursa, once an Ottoman Capital, now home to Turkey's automotive and textile industries. Started her Bursa trip at Koza Han, or the ''Silk Cocoon Market'', an ancient caravanserai built in 1491. Made a shopping tour
of a number of silk stores in this historical Market (below), and bought some silk stuff.

A local paper in Bursa City published an english headline on their issue, in honor of her visit:

Later, they watched an artist's marbled artwork -Ebru in Turkish as we call- and she was given information on the history of art of Ebru. Do you remember I'm also an Ebru artist:) It seems like Queen enjoyed with l'Arte Ebru, look at the wonderful red flower dancing on the water she did, isn't it a success:)

Queen watched traditional Karagoz shadow puppet show, later a fashion show. Dresses made with the national flags of both countries were quite lovely:

Then visited Mosque Yesil Turbe to
listen the recitals of the Holy Quran, while the Duke visited the factory of the local automobile manufacturer, Tofas Fiat (below).

She attended for the ''Women and Enterprise'' titled by National Enterprise Congress.

Spent the third day of her trip in Istanbul:) Yesterday they took a boat tour of the Bosphorus, attended the ''Joint School's Science Projects'' event taking place at a High School in Ortakoy, where local students are working with students from London's Hackney Community College and the Haggerston S
chool on a joint environmental Project, as well as the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, where Queen visited the British-Turkish Design Exhibition.

Queen on the Bosphorus in Istanbul's early-summer heat... I loved the most her fuchia pink suit! It was perfect combination with the blue of Bosphorus:)

A stand showing traditional plates from rich Turkish cuisine including an array of various spices, herbs and delights.

A traditional ice-cream show.

Enjoyed the delightful experience of sherbet vendor in traditional clothes.

And, she was interested in the traditional Turkish Silk Carpets. Duke as well.

On yesterday night, Queen hosted a reception and sunset ceremony in honor of Turkish President aboard the British aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, which was anchored in the Bosphorus.

Before leaving Turkey today. In the garden of Presidential Palace in Ankara.

Royal Trip highlighted the breadth and depth of Anglo-Turkish relations, and expressed the importance of Turkey to both the EU and the world.

Source: Photos via local media NTV.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful photos of Queen Elizabeth's visit. I do believe she is an admirable woman that represents England well.

    I love that embroidered gown, too.

  2. It looks like the Queen had a wonderful visit.

    I didn't know the name of that art form was Ebru. I have some paper and a piece of fabric made for me by a friend that is done in that style. Thanks for telling me the name of it.


  3. I would have loved to see the silks in the fabric shop, but I am very glad I am not a queen.
    I do not like living in a golden cage.

  4. damn girl!!!!!!!
    don't show me images of these world foreign snobs, only absorbing money and sausing scandals. who cares???

    let me see all of your ebru art instead!! NOW!!!
    i love ebru!!!

  5. @ Marita: Guess what, cool down;) It'd be better if this blogging girl may ask your confirmation of accept or reject before publishing any article here, no;) *Smile*

    @ Darla and Marita: My Ebru artwork is a product of beautiful surroundings, and unique designs on water. And that's the point: i need time for some photography, and to talk about l'arte Ebru as I've been busy busy recently. I'm impatient taking y'All for the day of my journey into Ebru, comin' soon..
    Until then, hang any where you need a splash of art and a touch of inspiration:)