Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Quit

Reading, exploring and learning new things. These are the basics of my life. I love discovering ways of seeing through reading of the journals. Different and fresh perspectives. They remind me that life does not need to be all peaches and roses. Sometimes it can be hilarious and unfavorable;)

A golden rule by William Morris (1834-1896) aspires me to live: ''Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.''

A new award! My fourth award!

I won it for my writing: El premio Arte y Pico. It means something like the Award for Art/Artistry and a Kiss on the Cheek.

According to the Arte y Pico blog, where the award originated, it's given to blogs ''los cuales me nutren y enriquecen el espiritu y la
creatividad. En ellos veo dedicacion, creatividad, esmero, companerismo, alegria y por sobre todo, ARTE, mucho arte. Quiero que con este premio, se agasaje a todas aquellas blogueras que dia a dia comparten este espacio y lo enriquecen cada dia un poco mas.''

In english, this award is given to blogs ''which nourish an enrich my spirit and creativity. In these blogs I see dedication, creativity, care, companionship, joyfulness, and overall, ART, so much art. With this award, I want to give attention to those bloggers who day after share this
space, the blogosphere, and enrich every day a little bit more.''

The Arte y Pico Award comes with these rules:

1- Pick 5-blogs that you consider deserving of this award on the basis of creativity, design, interesting material, and contributions to the blogger community, regardless of language.

2- Post the names of the authors and links to their
blogs so that everyone can visit.

3- Display the award on your blog and include the name and link of the blog that gave it to you.

4- Link to this post at the
Arte y Pico Blog, so everyone will know the origin of the award.

5- Display these rules.

I think quality is more important than quantity, so I am only naming 1 recipient. I am really excited to offer the award to:

Mélanie, at Le Petit Cabinet de Curiosites, for the way she, like I, tries to reflect the beauty that's in our nature to reach for, and create it where we can. Her blog is based on antiquities et voyages in the heart of Provence, that offers the loveliest scenery in southern France. Hers is
incredibly uplifting, jump in now:)

I think these awards are awesome because they are kind of like the MTV movie awards -that they are given to you by your fans:) Yes, you are not my fans, you are my dear readers:)

My dear friend, one of my faithful and sweet readers, Kate, Thank YOU! I'm very honoured to receive it. We shall forget not, for ours let it be in the sweetness of friendship. Following poem 'Don't Quit' shall be ours:)


Don't quit when
the tide is lowest,
For it's just about

to turn;

Don't quit over doubts
and questions,

For there's something

you may learn.

Don't quit when

the night is darkest,

For it's just a while

'til dawn;

Don't quit when you've
run the farthest,

For the race is almost won.

Don't quit when
the hill is steepest,

For your goal

is almost nigh;

Don't quit, for you're
not a failure

Until you fail to try.

-Jill Wolf


  1. Congratulations, Nihal. I agree that you make the world a much better place, and you offer beauty and insight with your writing.

    I love the poem. So inspirational.

  2. My darling Nihal, I am speechless when I saw this post..esp with my photo in it. Had I know it will be featured here, I'd put on some more makeup etc. hahaha.

    But really Nihal, you are always an inspiration to me for writting so many great stuff and i always where does this person get all those inspiration to write like this.

    Thank you, xie xie, terima kasih, merci my friend and may god bless you in abundance of blessings :)

    Happy week ahead :)

  3. Nihal , thank you so much , your post is very touching and your award to me too .
    I'm very honoured to receive it from you ( and from Istanbul )
    In Istanbul , I feel like homt , I have to tell that my great grand mother was from there !
    I'm very happy that you like what I like and that we share some feelings , spirits ...
    It is also very special because the day you gave me this award it was also my birthday so it is a kind of birhtday present

  4. @ Mélanie: Did you know Mél, Youth Day was planned to coincide with your birthday, 19th May;) Just kidding:)
    How nice to see it's a great coincidence that your b-day fall in the same day, our Youth Day. I know birthdays are never complete until you've said 'Happy Birthday' to the Birthday girl:)
    So hope you had a Happy birthday with a brown cake, balloons and presents:) Thanks a lot for your sweet comment! With Love.

  5. What great woman you honor here!
    Melanie and Kate exude loveliness and kindness. You have great taste!

  6. @ Constance: Wishes you a warm welcome to the CrossRoads:) Tks a lot for your visit, and consistently brilliant and motivational words! Having visited your journal, I found inspiration for your own creative journey through life, a kinda blog very interesting & inspiring 'dreams'. Would be pleased seeing you again at my home, (((Hugs)))