Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wonderland Of Colour

Shots of pretty 'reds, blues and yellows' from yesterday's...

I said yesterday?

YES! May 19th, one of the most important days of Turkish calendar, marks Commemoration of Ataturk and Youth and Sports Day (Turkish: Genclik ve Spor Bayrami). It is the day that the anniversary of founder Ataturk's landing in Samsun on the Black Sea 89 years ago, as the opening st
ep in launching the struggle for national independence: May 19th, 1919.

To commemorate this day, Ataturk decreed that the day should be dedicated to the youth of the country, which he always believed in them as its future and important to the nation's health and well being.

The nationwide celebrations began with the country's top civilian and military echelons visiting Ataturk's Mausoleum, Anitkabir, in capital Ankara, laying wreaths at the tomb.

All day long Youth Day commemorated nationally across the country, with many colorful sporting and cultural activities with a special focus on the youth of the nation. Now look at the photos from our Youth Day, and enjoy:)

At the stadium celebrations, youth groups and students performed various dances and music performances, athletic activities following a parade of folk groups and scouts:

A question to you from these girls:

'' Hi from Turkey:)
Do you also celebrate Youth Day in your country? ''

Photos via local news media, Hurriyet.


  1. Nihal, this is wonderful. I truly love the concept of Youth Day We do not have a day for celebrating youth in the USA.

    The pictures are amazing. Were you able to attend any of the celebrations?

  2. Beautiful photographs....

    Happy day to you


  3. @ Bev: I was not able to attend the celebrations of the festival due to my work schedule, however attended only the late evening events, inc. music performances and concerts in the avenue. Youth Day was a really nice chance to unwind and enjoy it with the families and the kids together under the soft-kissed sun of Istanbul:)

  4. Hi Nihal, tks for sharing, this is beautiful and love the fully collection of pictures, but mostly the first one is my fav, what a burst of colours!!

  5. @ Kate: Liked the first one? It's my own design, fully a product of what was passing thru my mind at the moment, and then reflected it into a place: ballons in the colors of national flag red-white flying over the sky, a piece of star-moon national flag, and a bit zoom-zoom of folkdance dress of the students during the festival. You may as well say digital art is as easy as moving my mouse, rather than taking a brush and drawing;) Other photos seen in the article come from the media gallery.

  6. I love all these colors ! I'm very disappointed that we don't celebrate youth day in France !
    It will be a fantastic day .Should I write to the Minister ?

  7. @ Mélanie: Some countries in the world such as India, Venezuela, Singapore, South Africa... celebrate Youth Day like we, day dedicated to the youths of their countries. Yes, no any day for Youth in France. Don't give up, ask Mme Albanel, Culture Min, good idea indeed;)
    On the other hand, be patient until 'August 12' as it's the International Youth Day. Officially recognized by the U.Nations, and celebrated over the world, similar to Mother's or Father's Day, Earth Day! You've an opportunity to celebrate it for every Aug 12th, -that's my birthday by the way:)

    How nice, Youth Day in Turkey on your b-day, and Int'l Youth Day on my b-day:) It means that we are so young... always Young;)