Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Wealth Of Advantages

If you are an LPG user, or you operate in one of the following sectors:

* Automotive
* Public Transport
* Local authorities

Then... do not miss AEGPL 2008. Because Milan is getting ready to host the major LPG event in Europe from 28 to 30 May. A trade fair dedicated to LPG 'Liquid Petroleum Gas' industry.

It's exhaustive, diversified and brings together all the activities of the LPG sector and equipment connected to the production, storage, transport, distribution and installation. Associated industries and the products are equipment manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors of:
  • Transportation equipment: bottles, tankers, tanker-trucks
  • LPG equipment: valves, tanks flaps, fittings, levers, sprayers, collectors, distributor containers
  • Containers: gas bottles, tanks
  • Vehicle equipment: for car carburetion and for LPG fuel distribution
  • Security and control: pumps and valves, remote-measuring, video surveillance, counting, detectors, bottle tops, tank locks
  • Material and equipment for domestic and industrial use
Beyond its particular characteristics, LPG offers a myriad of advantages not for end-users, for the community as well:
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Protecting human health
  • Security of energy supply
  • Enhancing energy efficiency
  • Modern energy accessible to citizens
  • Development of renewable energy
  • Simplicty of use, transport and storage
  • Competitiveness both now and in the future
A trend-watching in LPG sector...

The Italian LPG sector is the 3rd largest in Europe, with
3,501,000 tonnes consumed in 2006, around 2% of energy consumption. Ahead of it, the UK (4,147,000 tonnes) and France (3,695,000 tonnes).

This Annual Congress and Exhibition to be organised by The European Association of LPG (AEGL) will be an opportunity to exchange idea and a decisive stage for the future promising to develop the value of LPGs as an energy source that is flexible, versatile, clean and environmentally friendly.

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  3. It is interesting to read of efforts worldwide that focus on energy sources and conservation.

    Since change is a constant, we are wise to research and explore in different directions.

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