Friday, May 23, 2008

The Sweetest Touch

A true meeting place of the East and the West, Istanbul is a metropolis with a history that dates back to 5500 BC. Once the capital of both Roman and Byzantine Empires, the City is essentially cosmopolitan. So in today's world Istanbul is also a place where modernity meets history.

When I was shopping at Bagdat Ave,
I noticed that
window of the
famous Turkish fashion brand displays
anecdote from Le Figaro:
''Istanbul, nouvelle destination mode''

Historically the City has craved its European glamour. When we come to today it's clearly seen that 'luxe' has come back 80 years after the new republic took place the splendor of the sultans'.

Although the luxury fashion in Istanbul today is like a staircase with a long upward spiral, Istanbul still offers at least as much as, if not more, in the way of fashionable and stylish shopping choices. Quickly gaining a positive reputation for its fashion industry, the City is also seeing global
brands expanding with their own stores almost day by day.

For example; the City has come so far so fast with the designer stores from Adidas through Escada, Gucci, Lacoste, MaxMara and Tod's. There is an even Alexander McQueen stores -Oh..I am crazy about its shoes!. British companies have also spotted Istanbul's fashion potential, department store chain Harvey Nichols opened a store in one of the City's upscale malls two years ago.

Recently early-bird Louis Vuitton joined by its global way in Istanbul with the opening of a new store. Fashion's legendary brand Louis Vuitton has opened the first store here in 1996.

This season LV comes with stunning collection of pared down elegance takes centrestage. Vuitton's designer Marc Jacobs sent models down the runway
in Istanbul-inspired milinery:)

Now check out these new lovely shoes in Louis Vuitton's Spring Summer 2008 Collection: Istanbul Pump. Aren't they gorgeous?

We need to know more in details about Louis Vuitton's new pink stiletto called 'Istanbul pump':

Smooth grained leather, pointed toe, patchwork montage on vamp with multifaceted rhinestone embellishments, dangling beads, patent leather band, and pave crystals. Features smooth grained leather lining and padded insole, leather sole with rubber heel pad, 10.5cm / 4.5'' leather covered stiletto heel. Its price $1,440 -if it does not hurt you;)

Above stiletto is also Istanbul pump in different lovely colors. As seen, richly embellished with asymmetrical details, including a patent bow, embroidered satin and jewel pendats, in baby goat leather. Price: £730 -worth bo buy:) For other views and more models, the store where you can buy them, fast search LV.

Now lets take a break from shoes... Louis Vuitton also offers a wide range of handbags in theme of Istanbul called as Pochette Bosphore, Bosphore Backpack, Trolley 50 Bosphore... Prices change £345 to £1,120.

Following is Pochette Bosphore. This light and practical clutch in Monogram canvas evokes the Straight of the Bosphorus:) It's adjustable shoulder strap and a zipper pocket. Size: 10.2'' X 10.2'' Available at £345 -the cheapest one:)

It's the final word on what to wear in this season. So buy yourself a pair of Istanbul shoes either
from Louis Vuitton Collection or Manolo Blahnik Collection -you'd better to combine with handbag, as women are not considered to complete without handbags:), and start planning to gallivant about the streets in the true spirit of summer:)

Istanbul gets ready for a fashionable future.

What about you?


  1. I was sure about it !
    I could create an istanbul decoration's brand !
    Everyhting there is so inspiring !
    Istanbul is the new place to be , I read a lot of articles about it and the fashionnable place.
    When I was there I went to 360° , it was fun

  2. No man should ever come between a girl and her shoes and handbags. Let's just say no wise man would ever try.

    Fashion and changes make life so much more fun. Thanks for showing us some of the fun fashions happening in Istanbul now.

  3. Hi my friend,

    Everytime I read your journal I learn something new about your country. You have truly opened my eyes to a world I never knew. I must say, my daughters would be crazy about the those shoes...they would want one of each pair!

    Have a great weekend,


  4. i've heard about the news if istanbul, becoming an important fashion centre. good for you sweetie, knowing you are in involved in the industry ;))
    GO GIRL!!!

    but i must tell you, never ever i would spent these ridiculous amount of money for shoes or any fashion item!!!

    btw... did you hear about the tax fraud of d&g?? next to fashion designers they seem to be just common thieves!!!

  5. wow...what a shoe!! so colourful, and it will cost a bomb...i wonder where am i going to wear them to, but what a sight for sure

    happy weekend :)

  6. Well, maybe... if he ever made those in flats and I first won the lottery. LOL!

    Interesting fashion tidbits.