Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Warm & Crisp

(1) I am a Summer Lovin' girl! For my wardrobe, all I need is a nice little shopping trip inside my favorite Mango at Bagdat Avenue as I know its Summer Holidays' Collection will keep me cheerfull this season, as usual:)

(2) Literally 'the bottom of the pot', genuine -as we call in Turkish- Kazandibi that's our national sweet tooth, is a certainly positive influence, and absolute heaven IF you get it at Bolulu Hasan Usta! It's a simple rice flour-thickened pudding and made sublime by the deliciously burnt bottom. A hairy outer crust with custard filling is doubling its taste, believe me.

(3) Dream whimsical paintings by Miro
. He lets shapes and forms emerge spontaneously. There's so much to examine in it. Credit for Istanbul Pera Museum, hosting the Mirรณ Collection now-a-days:)

(4) We finally got a new era in magazine business: reading on-line, and most of them Free! Although I miss a lot the smelling of glossy magazine paper, a serious way to save my money;)

(5) One of life's simple, relaxing pleasures. An armchair Amorosos for my living room.

(6) All of us love muxtape, don't we? A new way to share and listen hand-picked music online. What I need to do is to mark mixes as 'my favorites'.

(7) Dreaming to have this ultra stylish touch fashion-label mobilephone from my favorite G. Armani, ahh....

(8) I try not to missing the stunning view of redbuds (known also as Judas Tree)
, as NOW starting from the second half of April to the first half of May it is the best time for Spring in Bosphorus. We call it as 'erguvan'; not only the tree, but also the reddish-purple color of those flowers. Amazing deep blue waters of Bosphorus, the green of pine trees, and the reddish-purple of redbud (Turkish: Erguvan) blossoms all blend and create a splendid beauty that I would like to wish losing myself in...


  1. So many good things here! That dessert looks positively sinful - in a delicious, but calorie-laden way! :)

  2. What a fun post! I love the idea of magazines being on-line.

    And, I would love that dessert.