Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Symbol Of Perfection

The Mother Nature is adding some more fun color, and freshness to our world every new day. A world of color right here; firstly we met tulips last month in april, and now impatient roses already started planting at the Rose Garden.

Today I would like to bring some of our nature's colorful, cheery and growing energy into your home as I believe that
there's nothing like the natural world in Spring for giving all of us a breath of fresh air when we need it most. Now it can be Spring inside your monitor with a passionate color of 'red' coming all the way from Istanbul:)

The time for an escape to another world as varied as your imagination: Goztepe Rose Garden

Roses goin' up to the spirit in the sky

The wrought iron gates to the Garden

Fascinating beauty captures my mind
just before stepping inside:
Rose Garden entrance

Beauty is kept in small details!
Rose arch adds
an ornamental affect to the Garden

Rose is the design theme for
countless patterns of
silver, wallpaper, carpet and clothin
as it inspires

fashion, sculpture, interior design and architectureg

The earliest known picture of a rose is
a fresco on a wall in the Palace of Knossos in Crete,
which dates back to the 6th century B.C.

Starting out in Goztepe, there is
the biggest and the best, and also onliest one The Rose Garden (Turkish: Gül Bahçesi) of the country which is next to the large green patch Goztepe Park on the Asian side of the City.

~~Goztepe Rose Garden~~

At Goztepe Rose Garden it grows 17,000 roses every year during ten-months; consisting of 117 varieties in more than 20 different colors. The best viewing them as of mid-May. I feel myself lucky as I live close by those graceful roses, taking only a few minutes by walking:)

When it comes to name a flower that symbolizes love,
there is no room that everyone agrees
'it's got to be Roses',
no way out;)

The oldest known rose in the world is Rosa Canina,
in Hanover, Germany, that was planted in the 9th century.

Delicately rose-carved three-way
Garden's glass lightings

Roses are always associated with
love, peace and happiness all over the world.

Look! I admire the view of well-grown roses
falling down the sky...

One of the most famous rose gardens was planted
by Empress Josephine at the Chateau de la Malmaison
in France in 1804.

An irresistbly unique piece of the Rose Garden Art!
A splendid marble fountain
blends water with the sky...

''In the driest whitest stretch of pain's infinite desert,
I lost my sanity and found this rose.''

Roses are considered as a symbol of non-violence,
a symbol of peace.

Roses enjoyed a very special status in religion as well. Including Islam and Christianity, to place rose petals of full bloom roses on the coffins or the graves of the dead so as to ensure that the souls rest in peace.

Cleopatra once received her beloved Marc Antony
in a room knee-deep in rose petals.

I paused a while, and
enjoyed the intimate sitting on this bench
surrounded by gorgeous roses. Yay!
I LOVE Roses.

Anacreon a Greek poet in the sixth century B.C. wrote..

When the sea created the beautiful, dew-sparkling Venus,
the earth, in this part, gave birth to this lovely plant,

a masterpiece of nature,

majestic on her thorny column,

this immortal flower:
(Turkish: Gül)

A Persian proverb says:
'' The world is a rose, smell it and pass it to your friends.''

~Sending this Red Rose,
I wish You ALL
a Happy Rose Season by my side:)


  1. Oh, Nihal! What an exquisite garden. Those gates are a work of art. As you know, I love roses. In fact, I have some of my blooms posted on my blog again today.

    I'm so glad you are so close to such a place of beauty. And, I'm so glad you shared it with us.

  2. You were right, those beautiful photos speak for themselves. Is the smell heavenly? I imagine it is! Thank you for sharing these with us, and for continuing our education of your beautiful Turkey.

  3. What a beautiful rose garden. The gate is a fantastic piece of artwork.


  4. spring tulips already faded away, followed by a new companion!
    what an amazing tribute to the rose, a splendid blooming garden to walk through, inspiring!
    lovely images, nihal!

  5. Hi Nihal! Sorry for having taken a bit longer to come back here…
    Lovely post! But roses are not my favourites; too many spines... ;)
    From the other post I'll take the Miró exhibition!
    As for the cobblestone streets, you'll come to Lisbon one day and see the «Portuguese Calçada"!
    Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, where I’m now in Casablanca, however missing Ilsa Lund… ;(
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. @ Gil: Oh...roses are not your favorites, is that so? But what's your symbol about 'love and peace'? You know 'rose' is the symbol of both, universally, Sir:)

    As far as Portuguese Calçada, yeap, I know that most pedestrian streets in Portugal are build with stone in a typical Portuguese "way" called "calçada". My sister visited Portugal and that's how I got to know it. To her reportage with me, the square pieces of white and grey stone are placed together in order to make a design in your way- this particular one shows squares, but there are shapes and designs. One day I'll be there personally as I'd love to see the Portuguese calçada..
    I appreciate a lot for sharing the info, Gil:)