Saturday, June 07, 2008

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Sexy is different for all of us, with hotels as much as people. One couple may adore pentals and silver service, next would just want to be left alone with bare feet and sandy books. Many options, many alternatives..

What makes a hotel sexy? Not the candles nor food. It might be your preference, except me:) Not the beach setting, or the exciting neon lightings. Maybe it's your choice. Yes, we all are so different, we find experiences sen
sual or enjoyable in many different ways.

In whatever setting they prefer, for any couple it's important to be able to left alone when they want to, get served quickly, take their towels where they want, or even leave them behind if they want, talk to locals easily... To have perfect freedom in whatever setting to be together, that is sexy. Briefly, I think that freedom is sexy.

The futuristic Adam & Eve Hotel is the dream-come-to-lif
e of building a minimalist pleasure palace built on grand scale. Situated on 25 acres of landscaped grounds in a pine forest facing the Mediterranean with the Taurus Mountains in Antalya province -the ''Miami of Turkey''-, an area once legendary for its beauty -its coast also called the Turkish Riviera-.

Includes the world's longest swimming pool (341 feet, twice Olympic size), largest lounge (108,000 sq feet) and longest bar (315 feet). It has 400-plus white-on-white bedrooms have floor to ceiling mirrors, party-size whirlpool baths.

Adam & Eve marries Modernist romantic design and massive scale in a luxurious complex, and claims to be ''the world's sexiest hotel'' being one of Europe's coolest hotels:)


  1. aha making promotion for your lovely country right?? haha
    knowing turkey for its beautiful and magnificient sites to spent a holiday i would prefer the solitude of a deserted beach, visiting halicarnassos and troya, dreaming away of ancient heros fighting for the mesmerizing eyes of a woman ;))

  2. The hotel is magnificant. However, *sexy* would depend on who I was sharing my time with, LOL!


  3. Nihal, this hotel is magnificent. I love an all white decor.

    I love hotels that offer suites. I like having more than one room - one room for living and a bedroom. I wouldn't require television, but my husband would. I definitely want wireless, and I like room service. Of course, comfy beds, luscious sheets and soft towels. And, I like a beautiful view from my room. I do believe I am spoiled.

  4. Nihal!! i want to stay at that hotel too!! What a fantastic hotel!

    Happy weekend and hugs always my good friend :)

  5. This hotel is gorgeous , after having knewn Istanbul , now I want to know the turkish MIAMI

  6. Adam and Eve sounds perfect! Of course, I'm thinking of Paradise---ah, the real "Grand Hotel" :)

    Hugs to you my pretty friend