Friday, June 06, 2008


Summer in my aunt's garden

Like so much in life that is desirable, ruby-red fresh sour cherries are hard to find, hard to keep and worth going after. Now it's their season, especially around here.

While sunny days are chasing those clouds away it's time to find our way to where the deals are sweet, and the season for a sour cherry pie:)

Image: By my sister; during her trip last week.


  1. Your sisters photo is great, and I love fresh cherries.

    They are very expensive here.

  2. how i would love to sit underneath that cherry tree in your aunts garden, perhaps making some 'clafoutis aux cerises' and afterwards drinking turkish coffee with you ;)

  3. love cherries, they cost a BOMB here, one of the most expensive fruit..imported obviously. I love cherries too, but not so sure about sour cherries. Wonderful picture as usual :)