Thursday, June 05, 2008

Skill + Art

~ Seek Beauty In Different Cultures ~

You may want to see some fine examples from the past in the Museum Of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul:

Sultan's signature called 'Tugra'

Bronze sculpture, cavalier

West Anatolian made rug, deer motif

Carved wooden hope box, ornamented in the flowered style

Sultan's caftan

Green diamond earring

Handmade bedclothes

Mosaic tiles

Brass standard, knob

West Anatolian made rug, flower motif

Carved wood handle

This gorgeous collection is accompanied by the extensive exhibition entitled ''Seek Beauty In Different Cultures'', opened May 16 and will be held until Aug 17. Exhibition has 700 pieces from the ninth and tenth centuries, that's from the Anatolian Seljuks and the subsequent Turkish principalities that sprang up in mainland Anatolia as well as unique examples of works from Ottoman times.

In short,
each culture defines beauty in a different way, and work of art is a beauty forever.


  1. I love that brass knobs!!!! Never miss a chance to go to the museum and I want to visit yours one day!!! What treasures Turkey has, just so exotic and beautiful.

    A big hug to you Nihal.

    When you stroll down the beach, it must have been serenity with the wind blowing in your hair. Your lucky gal..and most of us have dust blowing in our face.

    Lots of Love


  2. We may each have our own personal definition of beauty, but hopefully we can recognize that which others hold beautiful.

    Each of these are truly beautiful.

  3. Stunning! I would absolutely love to go to the exhibit. The Sultan's caftan is so interesting and the detail in person must be great.


  4. I love the turkish jewellry.
    The green diamonds earrings are to die for !