Sunday, June 22, 2008

Los Angeles

Did you like this 'Wings for the Candles'?
Designer: O.D.C. by Ozgen

I loved, loved Los Angeles:) Comes in greeting card with envelope, stainless steel with matt finish, dimensions: 6cm X 4,5cm

O.D.C. is set by Koray Ozgen, a Turkish designer in Paris, and recently awarded the Observer Star by French Design Prize 'Observeur 06'. About 100 select boutiques and museum stores carry O.D.C. products.
If you're interested in other products or selection of dailylife objects designed by Ozgen Design Studio (O.D.C.), browse his collection here.

And, this candle is just for our team to wish the best luck for semifinal date on Wednesday.

I just feel the sky is the limit now:)


  1. Those are just lovely.

    And, go team!!!

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    The idea was for people to register their town and country for the day. I did not make the list out of my head. Noone from Turkey registered so I couldn't put it on my list.

  3. I love , love these candles

  4. FANTASTIC CANDLES...WOOO imagine if that's at my home when I entertain...which is like...2 times a year? awesome and yay for the turkey team!!

  5. @ Laurence: Welcome and thanks for your kind note. Yeap I knew I was late to register of my town in your visiting list, because Istanbul is a ''Must'' City to be included. Hope next time..